Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hello, Saturday

Lots to say....

First, I'd like to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Liz Spangler! This is us celebrating her birthday two years ago at some Italian restaurant in Hells Kitchen (I think).

And since it's also the Kentucky Derby today, I'll go ahead and throw this one up as well from our Derby party in the City.

Hope you had a fun birthday, Liz!

I also have completely WONDERFUL news to share with you! That Ginna girl has been entertaining the idea, for quite some time now, of moving back to the South. Her boyfriend Jeffiepoohfefferson (translation: Jefferson) lives in Raleigh and after two years of long distance, I think they're more than ready to live in the same town. Ginnawin had 4 interviews last week in Raleigh and although she's waiting to hear back from a couple of the companies, she's decided to pack her bags and move! Wahoo!!

We've already decided that there should be a highway directly from Charlotte to Raleigh (why isn't there?!?) and we are to name it the GINARRIE. :)

Ok, so today is also the three year anniversary of when my dearest Grandmother Memo passed away. One of her favorite flowers were peonies, so I try to buy them on the 1st of May. I looked everywhere in Charlotte, but there are none to be found. I was out and about this morning when I noticed I had a Twitter update. Guess what my sweetest friend LeeAnne sent me:

With this note:

"Also some amazing peonies in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens - this is for you, @cccnyc"

How kind and thoughtful! Thanks, LA!

Also, exactly one year ago I was rolling into Oak Ridge. I had just left NYC and drove home to fight cancer for the summer. I had a strange feeling the other day after I told someone I'd never met that my Mom had cancer. Sometimes it seems like a distant memory. But we're so glad it is just that: a memory, and it's not as consuming.

Today has just been the best day. I slept in, had bagels with my roommates, wrote some letters, went for a run, visited the farmers market, made a strawberry tart for no special occasion, and hung out with the girls at home. It feels like this is the first lazy Saturday I've had in a long while and I'm loving it.

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

**Update: it is now Sunday... I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday, oops. But it continued to be a very relaxing weekend after a visit with my Aunt Diane and Uncle Michael. And then tonight I played Settlers of Catan with friends and won! Beginners luck, maybe... but probably not. ;) I'm just so thankful for a relaxing weekend in Charlotte and a chance to catch up on rest.


Allison said...

Did you like Settlers? Did you ever play that with me and B? We love that game. Glad it was a relaxing weekend!

I support the Ginarrie high way.

ginna said...

Yaaaaaaaaay! :) Can't wait to drive the Ginarrie soon!

Cameron said...

BAHHHH i miss you!!! hoping for a relaxing chillaxing day with you soon!! :)

PamCakes said...

ah Carrie that's exciting about you sister! You'll have to let me know where she ends up working - PR right?

Liz Spangler said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes sweet friend!!