Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hello there! It's been a while. I actually blog all the time... on my other blog. Yes, we have class blogs at preschool. So this one has gotten overlooked. Oops! One of these days I'll do a major Life Lately post with pictures of what we've been up to. Until then, check out where most of my life and energy is spent:

The children painted this donut and then I took a picture of them with it and we mailed it to their dads as an invitation to Donuts with Dad. Here my co-teacher and I were having fun before the children arrived.

This was the easiest project ever. I let the children draw on these paper leaves and then I sewed them together and hung on a branch. 

This is what happens to Indian corn when you leave it in water. So cool!

Leaf people.

One of my sweet little ones made this. I loved it!

Our homemade tree! 

Have I mentioned how much I love preschool? I do. I mean, don't get me wrong, 14 three year olds are sometimes exhausting, but they're so, so darling and delightful.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Update on Rozzie

It's been a week! I am finally sitting on the couch after this morning's Race for the Cure, and I don't plan on moving all day. {Plus I have a Gamecock banner I really need to finish. I think we're like 6 games in... oy.} We were at the beach with my family last weekend and ever since we returned it's been nonstop. I'm so thankful for time to rest.

Yesterday we went over to Rozzie as the Inspector was looking around. We hadn't been to the home since early July so it was great to finally be inside. Some rooms were smaller than I remember and other things surprised me like how much work the builder put in the details. We're hoping for a good report from the Inspector on Monday.

 This is a picture from the far side of the great room. I love the kitchen except I'm not crazy about those sconces on the bar. Oh well. The least of my worries at this point, though.

This is the view from the kitchen/great room. In some ways I feel like we overlook a countryside. But don't let that fool you. Our neighborhood is very rough around the edges. It will be quite a transition as we leave our beloved Myers Park. But we're excited to see how the Lord will use us in Biddleville. Plus we have lots of friends in the 'hood and have already been invited to a neighborhood block party in a couple weeks.

Rozzie is not a done deal yet. We keep reminding ourselves of that. But it sure was good to be there yesterday. I hosted Cocktail Club at our apartment last night and realized that this might be the last time my home is mostly decorated for a very long time. We will have to buy so many things for Rozzie {rugs, beds, side tables, couches, the list goes on} but have to start with the basics like blinds, shower rods, and all that. So it will be a while. But that's ok. I'd much rather decorate with patience and buy things we love than quickly put it all together.

Now about that Gamecock banner...