Friday, February 27, 2009

New Yorkers know Spring is coming when....

Tonight I got a text from LeeAnne that read:

"AHHHHH FIRST MR. SOFTEE SIGHTING ON THE WAY HOME!!!! - Spring is on its way!!!!"

So true, LA!

Make my day and melt my heart

When I got home yesterday, I saw in the stack of mail my Cooking Light magazine (yay!) and then a handwritten snail mail letter from my darling little Nicholas and Alec. Oh it made my day!! What a love. Here it is. So sweet.
p.s. what trouble I have w/ technology! I tried to scan/pdf it to my email at work, but there were complications. so here you have it in picture form.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just kidding

In reference to this post, I was looking through old pictures and found one I had taken of my favorite meal in Huntington at my favorite wrap place: European Republic. I'm funny like this. I find one thing I like and stick with it. Just like I have found my favorite meal on the UES: a greek flatbread salad from Fetch. Oh yum. I had it tonight, as I have dubbed Thurs my take out night as I eat the same thing for lunch/dinner prior in the week.

And tonight I got to see Mirabelle and Chris and Mir's Dad at Fetch! How fun! Isn't it great to go out in your neighborhood and run into dear friends?!

So, I'll leave you with this yumness:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two year itch

So, I have been entertaining the idea of a move. Gasp! I know!

I guess it happens around this time every two years, when I feel the need to spread my wings. Or maybe there's just a Recession and I don't want to pay crazy amounts of rent each month. Either way, I've been dreaming of Park Slope (in Brooklyn). I don't know why. Ok, so maybe it's this one picture that has me dreaming of being Meg Ryan.

I never considered myself a bridge and tunnel kinda girl - but hit me with a job loss and uncertainty in the future, and this might just be a wise financial move. We'll see. Not definite by any means, you New Yorkers know what it's like to apartment search. It's a HUGE headache! But at least I'm excited about the possibility!!

Almost over

This post is mostly a reminder to my sister, Ginnawinnabinna, who hates the month of February. She hates this month. It's quite comical cause we tend to hear about how "oh no, February is coming" sometime in October. There there Gin, do not worry, it's almost over. Cause February is all sneaky like that and makes you forget it has 28 (sometimes 29) days.

But I kinda like this month. It's short, basketball is in it's full glory (sans Feb 11th) and you still get to snuggle on the couch w/ a good book on a cold Saturday knowing in a month or two you'll be skipping through Central Park with the daffodils.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

I don't care what the groundhog said

I realized yesterday when I washed a whole load of only black clothes, that it really is winter. I'm tired of wearing black shirts and jackets and pants. Bring on the colors!!

I think my building must change the flowers on Saturday, cause when I came home last night I saw this flower arrangement and it looks like Spring! Oh how happy that is!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Oooh, just found this adorable stationery store online. Bonnie Marcus is the designer/founder and has great stuff! Oh how I love, love, love stationery. It is one of my favorite things.

Actually, I didn't even realize it, but a few weeks ago when I went to visit Al & Gin, I bought one of her notepads at a stationery studio when we went to look at Al's wedding invites. And, for Alllison's shower, I decided on invites from Bonnie Marcus. They're darling! (I can't wait for you to see them, Al.)

And here's one of my favorites cause I'm in New York and this is just too cute :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Girls don't cry

Roomie caught me in action. But doesn't everyone have goggles in their kitchen for when you cut onions?!


Tonight I went to see Duke at the Garden w/ my friend Russell. We headed over after work to scalp for Duke tickets. I love scalping. First I went to the box office to see how much tix were and then went outside and found a cool dude who got us a better deal and better seats. Sweet. Oh and Duke won. Even sweeter.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just what NYC needs

Another cupcake shop! Sprinkles Cupcakes is coming to NYC!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My other favorite island

The isle of Manhattan usually trumps other islands in population, attractions and most everything else. But my other favorite island is Long Island. Perhaps where I left a tiny piece of my heart.

I went out this past weekend to hang out w/ my friend Tammy. She lives out there but was house sitting for a family away for the winter break. Once I arrived at their house I got the 'Woah I live in a "crackerjack box" and forget what it's like to see large open spaces within four walls and massive yards/acres' freakout. Long Island was quiet. An eerie quiet. I was in a neighborhood with cars and cul-de-sacs and mailboxes. No sirens or the chance to run into a hundred people on the street. I saw the stars and savored the silence. And wondered which "world" (city/suburb) I will live in for the rest of my life, not that I have to decide any time soon.

Last night we went into Huntington- my favorite place. It is incredibly special to visit- because I have such wonderful memories in that town w/ the sweet boys and how, I sorta did the last of my growing-up there (even though you never really stop). We ate at my favorite wrap place. I forgot my camera and am kicking myself b/c this place is amazing and I wanted to show you. So just take my word for it. Or go there.

I do love Long Island. I loved going past the preschool and Bon Bon's, the cutest chocolatier in town, and Wild by Nature where Alec and I would stop by to get last minute groceries. I loved seeing the quaint little shops and my favorite pizza place, where I had my first slice of pizza as an official New Yorker. Something I think everyone should remember. I drove past the Dairy Barn, which still amazes me. Huntington doesn't have drive through cleaners or prescription pick-ups but if you need milk in the middle of the night, head out in your jammies and drive on through.

It made me sad to be there. Perhaps it was that it was on a dark Sunday night and most residents were either a. skiing or b. somewhere warm. It's what you do on winter break. My little ones were skiing. I missed them last night. It was a weird feeling as we drove by these places I went to every day, I could almost see me and baby Alec skipping down the street. Almost a Christmas Carol/It's A Wonderful Life outside looking in view. Although, I do know that it was a wonderful life there. Sure it was hard and stressful and I was lonely and being a "Mom" wasn't easy. But thankfully I have forgotten most of that and what lingers now are these beautiful memories.

When we left Main St. I burst into tears. Sure, I'll be back. But when? We came back to the ginormous house and I stood outside under the stars and cried a river to the one person I only want to talk to at times like these. Who understands, knows me and listens better than anyone- my Mom. Thanks Mama for loving me by listening!

I'm afraid I'll forget. I'm afraid I'll forget the memories and times with the boys. I think when you love someone or a place so much you want to talk about it and share it with others. I think that's what I'm doing now in this book of a blog post. Most of you have never seen this part of my life and I'm thankful for my fam and friends who have. But I guess I want everyone to know about this place and the boys because they're a part of me. My experience there has helped shaped who I am today.

So there you have it. If you've read this far, gold blog star to you for hanging in there with this emotional blurp. But yeah, happy P-Diddy Day. Not that P-Diddy has anything to do w/ President's Day. But ya know, it livens things up a bit. Just like the time I gave Nicholas a small box of Nerds and he thought it would be fun to sniff them (just a couple) up his nose. Um yeah. Did I mention my life was never boring as a nanny?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day in NYC

This is, more or less, what Valentine's Day is like in NYC. Flowers, flowers and more flowers. I have started to buy a different bouquet each week... because who can resist a dozen roses for $6?! Plus it makes me so happy in the dead of winter to have beautiful flowers in the apartment. Everyone, everyone, "even the homeless men!"-Pamela, had flowers yesterday. On the subway, on the street. It was the sweetest thing to see.


Just a glimpse of the Valentines I made for the boys. It took me forever to sew them, but such a cute idea- thanks to the Queen of all things cute and crafty, LeeAnne!


I love you more than _____.

Friday, February 13, 2009

GAL Pals

I'm just so excited that my sissy's and bff have such fun weekend plans!

Shoutout to:

1. That Ginna Girl, who is visiting JeffiePooh Fefferson in Boone! Drive safe, Gin. Go to Mtn House, the Parkway, the Outlets and especially to Welborn for fried okra/corn nuggets. I know you will.

2. Alpacs, who is flying to see her beau, her fiance Brian, aka B-Dawg. Have fun, Al. And hope you're showered with more bamboo cutting boards, crock pots and as many casserole dishes as your heart desires. Oh, for dinner, my bet is quiche or steak. Text me and let me know which one it is ;).

3. Lucy Goose, who is running in the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon. You go, girl! I'm so proud of you! Wish I could be there to cheer you on!

Today: Living in NY > Living in NC

I can't take it anymore! I'm done w/ this day. The day after Duke gets creamed by UNC and everyone rubs it in.

I've been gracious. Hats off to the Tarheels for their win. Job well done, way to go. You were the better team last night.

I get it. Don't dish it if you can't take it. I've dished it so I'm taking it. But at least I'm in New York where the rivalry isn't as intense. But let's just say that for one, almost two months out of the year, it's really hard to be friends w/intense Carolina fans.

That's all I'm going to say.

That and March 8th is coming.

Oh and I'll leave you with a lighthearted picture from last year with one of my favorite Carolina friends, Mirabelle.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Game Day

And the rivalry continues...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fork Shmork

This is what happens when you travel as a nanny w/ the family. When you leave the bitter cold of New York and head West to a resort. When you are on vacation. And especially when the parents and nanny have margaritas at dinner.

With all that, it's somehow ok to let them go crazy. Or perhaps it's just being creative in how to get the boys to sit still or to eat their food while we discussed facials and golfing. We were creative here. No need to stop the child from using a toy as a utensil. We didn't know anyone at the resort. The boys had already made their mark on the room, overfed the fat fish and smeared ketchup into the nice, white linen tablecloths on numerous occassions... why not cause a scene at dinner? Needless to say, it was a memorable night.

How are you feeling today?

Well, I have just figured out how to post video's on this blog. Here is the first of probably many video's.

I was going through old pics of the boys and came across this adorable video. It was taken at a birthday party a few weeks before I moved to NYC. Clearly Alec wants to go and play but I just had to get a video of him doing this cause it was just so darn cute. My favorite is 'thoughtful'.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Tonight a few friends and I got together for Meat Sauce Monday's. We met at my friend Em's apt and made a ton of pasta, homemade sauce, salad and bread. And my Southern friends Rob & Bradley made a fruit tea/sweet tea. It was amazing. I sipped it all night and loved it. Perhaps it was drinking fruit tea before my birthday/Spring weather and it's just been a long while. These things make me happy.

Three Potato Four

This is such a cute website and I am dying to have a print of this Manhattan poster. I emailed the company and they said it's been backordered but will be in print again soon and available later this month. But isn't it sweet?

Saturday, February 7, 2009


This here blog shoutout goes to Mr. Jason North.

Guess What

Ginna, Allison and Michelle are coming to NYC to visit!!! Oh I am so excited, you have no idea. No idea. Bring on girls weekend!

Friday, February 6, 2009

How I workout at work

Since it's going to be a busy crazy weekend, I decided to workout this morning. I went to a stretch/weight lifting class at the 92nd St. Y, my new favorite place since I can literally get out of bed, go over one Ave & one St. and voila, front door!

So this afternoon at work I'm putting together a FedEx pkg and I have to put down how much it weighs. Hmmm. Not sure about that. So I picked it up and tested it doing a tricep curl- "against" the one I did this morning w/ my 5 lb weights (yes, I'm not that strong). Genius, right?! I put down 4lbs.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A few things...

...that bother me to no end:

1. When Duke loses.

2. When they lose bad.

3. Embarrassingly bad.

4. When tv characters don't stay together. Ugh.

5. Bugs in our bathroom (and just bugs in general. Since moving to NYC, and not being a nanny to two boys -I haven't really seen any bugs and I like it that way)

6. When people mixup: your/you're and their/there/they're.

7. The IRS. Just because.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Perralove sent this to me. Too cute!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Pamela!!

Tonight we celebrated Pamela's birthday at a charming little Italian eatery down in the West Village. It had two real fireplaces (a rare sight in NYC, for me at least), an indoor patio where you could look up and imagine stars, and candles as means of seeing the menu's. Oh, and it also had a guy that looked just like Josh Lucas.

We had many laughs, good conversation and a special guest dropped off flowers to give to the waitress to give to Pam. ;)

Probably my favorite conversation that came out of the night was when we merged our discussion on the best NYC cupcake (a legit debate for any NYC'r... but of course it's Buttercup) and then our talk about a puppy store LA & Perr went to recently. We decided that there should be a store that sells puppies and cupcakes. My favorite quote was from Perryn: "That would be the happiest store ever." It is true.
Here are the pictures! Make sure to note the 'It's a Girl' balloon! Bahaha. Happy, happy birthday, Pamela!! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well I am on a blog roll right now. Enjoy it while it lasts. Although blogging is my new photo documentation, so here ya go.

Tonight we all celebrated LA's bday at an East Village bar called Bua. It was crowded and loud and dark and you had to shout across the table at each other just to hold a conversation. But boy was it fun.

Here are the girls w/ the bday girl herself.