Monday, February 16, 2009

My other favorite island

The isle of Manhattan usually trumps other islands in population, attractions and most everything else. But my other favorite island is Long Island. Perhaps where I left a tiny piece of my heart.

I went out this past weekend to hang out w/ my friend Tammy. She lives out there but was house sitting for a family away for the winter break. Once I arrived at their house I got the 'Woah I live in a "crackerjack box" and forget what it's like to see large open spaces within four walls and massive yards/acres' freakout. Long Island was quiet. An eerie quiet. I was in a neighborhood with cars and cul-de-sacs and mailboxes. No sirens or the chance to run into a hundred people on the street. I saw the stars and savored the silence. And wondered which "world" (city/suburb) I will live in for the rest of my life, not that I have to decide any time soon.

Last night we went into Huntington- my favorite place. It is incredibly special to visit- because I have such wonderful memories in that town w/ the sweet boys and how, I sorta did the last of my growing-up there (even though you never really stop). We ate at my favorite wrap place. I forgot my camera and am kicking myself b/c this place is amazing and I wanted to show you. So just take my word for it. Or go there.

I do love Long Island. I loved going past the preschool and Bon Bon's, the cutest chocolatier in town, and Wild by Nature where Alec and I would stop by to get last minute groceries. I loved seeing the quaint little shops and my favorite pizza place, where I had my first slice of pizza as an official New Yorker. Something I think everyone should remember. I drove past the Dairy Barn, which still amazes me. Huntington doesn't have drive through cleaners or prescription pick-ups but if you need milk in the middle of the night, head out in your jammies and drive on through.

It made me sad to be there. Perhaps it was that it was on a dark Sunday night and most residents were either a. skiing or b. somewhere warm. It's what you do on winter break. My little ones were skiing. I missed them last night. It was a weird feeling as we drove by these places I went to every day, I could almost see me and baby Alec skipping down the street. Almost a Christmas Carol/It's A Wonderful Life outside looking in view. Although, I do know that it was a wonderful life there. Sure it was hard and stressful and I was lonely and being a "Mom" wasn't easy. But thankfully I have forgotten most of that and what lingers now are these beautiful memories.

When we left Main St. I burst into tears. Sure, I'll be back. But when? We came back to the ginormous house and I stood outside under the stars and cried a river to the one person I only want to talk to at times like these. Who understands, knows me and listens better than anyone- my Mom. Thanks Mama for loving me by listening!

I'm afraid I'll forget. I'm afraid I'll forget the memories and times with the boys. I think when you love someone or a place so much you want to talk about it and share it with others. I think that's what I'm doing now in this book of a blog post. Most of you have never seen this part of my life and I'm thankful for my fam and friends who have. But I guess I want everyone to know about this place and the boys because they're a part of me. My experience there has helped shaped who I am today.

So there you have it. If you've read this far, gold blog star to you for hanging in there with this emotional blurp. But yeah, happy P-Diddy Day. Not that P-Diddy has anything to do w/ President's Day. But ya know, it livens things up a bit. Just like the time I gave Nicholas a small box of Nerds and he thought it would be fun to sniff them (just a couple) up his nose. Um yeah. Did I mention my life was never boring as a nanny?


Dorothy said...

Keep writing Carrie, you do a beautiful job expressing yourself. God has made you passionate and a deep "feeler". Rest in that. I love that your blog readers get to hear your heart. I love you so much. mom

Miriam said...

Very nice post, Carrie. Your blog keeps my spirits up at work.

Michelle R. said...

I understand!!! I got an email update from Megan last week and I showed my friends at school the pictures of the kids. I think their growing up is harder to watch than mine.