Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our time in Greenville, SC

After we left my parents house we headed straight to Greenville to be with Andrew's family this past week.

We met up with this lovely couple who were in town for the holiday, and who Andrew knew when he lived in Japan
We also got to spend time with our nieces! One afternoon we went ice skating which was fun.
The girls did a great job!
That night we ventured out into the windy, cold night to look at Christmas trees.
And found a baby themed tree for Baby Charlie!
Oooh yippee skippy!!!! Al & B made a wonderful last-minute decision to come to Greenville for dinner on Wednesday night. It was SO GOOD to see them! Al & I dined over shrimp tacos and beer and I'm pretty sure we didn't talk to the boys much during that time. There was so much catching up to do!
Then we went to Starbucks to fuel our stroll around town. Notice the Chucks.
Yay for friends!
Me & Al
Thanks so much for coming, Al & B!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

High School Reunion

I love trying to get together with all my high school buddies at the holidays (remember I graduated with a class of 7. Yes, seven people). Here are a few of us after lunch yesterday:
Me & Alden
Today is BECCA's birthday! Happy Birthday, Becca!!
Bradbury Drive girls.
Becca & Brian!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

It was a lovely Christmas weekend! It is so special to be at home with everyone. We baked and cooked all weekend and celebrated Christ's birth! What a wonderful season.

I got to see my sweet grandmother and aunt!
Friday night we all drove to Floyd, VA to eat at a yummy restaurant with family and to celebrate Aunt Diane's birthday.
Then we walked to a country store where we danced the night away.
The quaint lil country store with good bluegrass music.
Merry Christmas Eve with that Ginna girl.
It was the most wonderful Christmas at home with my sisters!
Christmas tree.
Christmas morning: Petolsh waiting so patiently for her bone. I also enjoyed going on runs with her.
We added two new stockings this year!! Yay Andrew & Jeff!
First Christmas morning together!
Our traditional Christmas morning sister picture.
Presents! I gave Ginna this book and it's full of ideas!
Oh sweet Zuzie Loving!!
It's good to get what you really, really want for Christmas. :)
Someone knows Andrew very well. (Thanks, Lu!)
Oh boy. The boys got Star Wars.
Lucy got an iPhone!!!!!!!!!
Perhaps my favorite Christmas gift. Lucy gave such a thoughtful gift to all of us:
New brothers.
Mama and Mama Neel makin naan!
Men grilling
Dad and the filet mignon.
Ginna made the most wonderful caramel cake and I made this delicious recipe.
Cousin Betsey and her boys.
Family photo!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Andrew & Carrie

Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Update {and a wedding!}

We had a great weekend. Friday was my last day of school. I was exhausted. I stopped by Earth Fare on the way home, picked out a good bottle of beer for AD, came home and wrote on the brown bag: "Thanks for getting me through Part I", left on the counter, then crawled into bed to sleep. Hooray for winter break!!

We also had our friends Beau & Jessica over for spaghetti dinner and then we sat in hours of traffic to see the beautiful McAdenville lights. Hopefully this will become a tradition... but next year we're going on a week night.

Last night we got to celebrate the wedding of our friends Josh & Brenda!

The traditional Ashley & Carrie wedding picture.
Beautiful bride & groom.
Me & AD
Cake! They're moving to Brazil after their honeymoon!
So sweet.
Us with the happy couple!
Cake again!
Just a few of us Uptown girls...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Update

We had a great weekend!
I went to Greensboro for the day on Saturday to have a morning date to the farmer's market with Lucy Lu. We watched the Duke game at my house with my parents, and then I went to sit with my sweet grandmother, Gigi, and hold her hand.

I came home just in time to make (for the first time) homemade pimento cheese, Andrew's favorite. Then we went to the Nutcracker! One of my 2nd graders was in it! :)
Last night Andrew sung in our church's Lessons & Carols. His parents came up for the occasion and it was a lovely time!
Jeremy and Julie!
Us with our friends David & Claire.
Our revised Christmas tree... the angel is an old one of me. Maybe I'll try to hit after Christmas sales for a tree topper for next year.
Merry Christmas time!