Sunday, March 28, 2010

Malar's getting married

Yesterday we had a beautiful bridal shower for Michelle! She's borrowing Allison's veil (I am too :) ) and she got some fun gifts! Hooray for weddings!

Happy Birthday Lucy!!

Happy Birthday to my baby sister, Lucy Goosey! I'm so glad we got to celebrate this morning- have a fun day! :) Love you!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's all about the dress

I found this picture when I was looking through a few on Facebook. What a fun day that was! I love weddings. I LOVE them so much. I am very much looking forward to my bride friends who will soon get to wear their special dress on their special day! :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Good news, folks, I found my camera! I knew it had to be somewhere around here.

It's been a busy week. So, so busy. Oh and I was sick, which made for the most boring St. Patrick's Day ever as I was in bed at 8:30pm. Funny how being sick brings out the drama in me. "Ginna, just in case I die from this stomach bug, know that I love you." ... is what I said to Gin in a recent conversation.

Actually, St. Patty's wasn't all that bad. I had a neighborhood party and made shamrock sugar cookies for the kids, which is a true labor of love. I enjoy baking, but I HATE making homemade sugar cookies. You make the dough, roll it out, flour, more flour, too much flour?, cookie cutter, a part broke, fix it, and then you cut out 30 more cookies and ahhh, the time! Anyway, they were cute and I just need more patience. I admire my old roomie Katiebug because she has a true gift for sugar cookies!

I've missed NYC so much lately. Charlotte seemed dull for St. Patty's and I feel like I should be in Central Park on this blessed first day of Spring. I also miss my Saturday breakfast ritual of an egg sandwich, peach Snapple and a NYT. I could make it myself, but it's more fun when someone else does. :)

Hope you're out enjoying the lovely weather (or watching the glorious maddness of basketball season at its peak!). And Happy Birthday Jason!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I love school projects

It's been a really busy week... sorry for the lack of posts. Oh and I also lost my camera, so from now on you'll be getting pictures from my phone. Lucy once said my blog is boring w/o pics. :)

On Friday W and I went to tour the Carolina Panthers stadium. He is doing a research project in school on a historical landmark in Charlotte. I called and all the tours are in the mornings, which doesn't make much sense to me, but I happened to get in touch with this awesome guy at the box office who offered to give us a private tour! So we drove to the Bank of America stadium and got to run up and down the seating area, go in the press box, view a private suite, tour the visitors locker room, and the guy took W inside the Panthers locker room. I couldn't go cause, you know, I'm a girl and a few of the players were finishing up with their afternoon workouts. The best part was at the end when our wonderful tour guide gave Wilson an autographed picture of Jake Delhomme. Cool! I think I'm a fan.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Party time!

It was such a great weekend, but I am exhausted, so I'll let the pictures do most of the talking and perhaps post something later...

Friday night I started the weekend with this yummy cake from Dean & Deluca:

And celebrated with Miss Margot.

I drove home to Oak Ridge and Saturday we celebrated my Dad's birthday.

We also had 85 people come over to our house for a cancer-free party for my Mom!

The party continued on into the evening when Michelle, Aaron and the Andersons came over to visit!

Alden got to hang out with Aunt Allison.

And Aunt Carrie.

We watched the Duke vs. UNC game that evening (82-50, ahem!)

Gin & Jeff found these buttons at the ACC store. How appropriate for Saturday!

Then on Sunday we celebrated my birthday (26!) with the traditional birthday brunch, complete with mimosas and homemade waffles from my new waffle maker.

Some birthday gifts included this from Ginna (and what a joy it is!)

And this adorable Manhattan print from my parents:

And, my favorite was probably tickets to see these guys in April with my sisters. What a surprise! I know I'm living in 1995, but they're my favorite band and I can't wait to see them live. Thanks, Gin & Lu!

What a great birthday with Al.

And sisters.

Thanks also to all those who called, texted, emailed, tweeted, blogged, Facebooked, bbm'd, snail mailed and personally wished me a happy birthday. It was indeed happy! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello there

Just wanted to say hi! Happy March!