Monday, March 15, 2010

I love school projects

It's been a really busy week... sorry for the lack of posts. Oh and I also lost my camera, so from now on you'll be getting pictures from my phone. Lucy once said my blog is boring w/o pics. :)

On Friday W and I went to tour the Carolina Panthers stadium. He is doing a research project in school on a historical landmark in Charlotte. I called and all the tours are in the mornings, which doesn't make much sense to me, but I happened to get in touch with this awesome guy at the box office who offered to give us a private tour! So we drove to the Bank of America stadium and got to run up and down the seating area, go in the press box, view a private suite, tour the visitors locker room, and the guy took W inside the Panthers locker room. I couldn't go cause, you know, I'm a girl and a few of the players were finishing up with their afternoon workouts. The best part was at the end when our wonderful tour guide gave Wilson an autographed picture of Jake Delhomme. Cool! I think I'm a fan.

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