Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is anybody there?

Does anybody care?
--Pink Floyd

So I convinced Carrie to let me guest post occasionally on the blog, now that it's officially CCD and all that, not that she knows I'm guest posting today...

She's noted a few things about living with boys that were, if not earthshattering, at least eye-opening. The same could be said for living with girls, or a girl in particular.

All I can say is, bobby pins and the question of where I should put them.

Crazy kids and their crazy invading the wife's blog!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We're starting to get pictures posted on Facebook from our wedding. Our good friend Tiffany took some the day of our wedding and they're just so sweet. I briefly looked over them on our honeymoon, but two + weeks in, I'm just now really going through them. I can't wait to debrief on the blog and share about our wedding and what I remember of it, what was most special, etc. I just love this picture of our beautiful flowers with my simple, little engagement and wedding band. So, over the next few weeks I'll post more about it all.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Living with a boy

Living with a man is real fun. Oh but we're so different. Andrew is the more predictable, disciplined and level-headed one and I'm the more emotional, free-spirited and whimsical one. He likes to do things and make quick decisions while I need time and have to "feel" it before I make decisions.

Andrew talks fast (real fast) and eats even faster. I realized this had affected me one day when we had a couple over a month before we got married. I served dinner and 5 minutes in it hit me that both Andrew & I had completely finished our meal and our guests still had lots of food on their plate. Oh my gosh, I thought, I'm now a fast eater too! This was fully realized when we went to Cowfish last Saturday (if you live in Charlotte, go! it's a sushi & burger place. so good!). We had the waitress bring out a sample of their fried pickles (Welcome to the South!) and there were three on the plate. We each took one but mine was still super hot, I put it down. Andrew ate his and then after a minute picked up the last one and ate it. I was like what?!??! That's when it dawned on me: eating with Andrew is the survival of the fastest. I had one of those "ah-ha wife moments".

He also watches Sci-Fi and I told him to give me a year to like it. Although I might need longer. ;) There have been a few times when I have more of those "ahhh, I'm living with a boy" moments and I usually tell him. One day I asked if he had any living with a girl moments and then he immediately said, "Yes! Your bobby pins, hairbands and earrings that you leave all around the house! I don't know what to do with them and I don't know where they go!!" Haha... oh good times. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We're back!

Hello there! It was so nice to honeymoon, especially after a week (or few months) of wedding stress. I'm just now getting back in the hang of answering phone calls, emails and Facebook after I turned my phone & computer off for a week. {which was heavenly!}

Andrew & I went to Charleston, SC for part of our honeymoon and then to Boone, NC. Oh it was a perfect combination of beach & mountains. We stayed at the Market Pavilion Inn in Charleston, complete with Nitrotinis, an amazing dinner at Grill 225, rooftop pool and bar. We went to the beach one morning and I went for a little swim, then for a walk. The weather was wonderful!

I loved Boone! We stayed at the Mast Farm Inn (go stay there if you're in the area... so quaint!) and perhaps my favorite part were the bunnies they had in those cages behind us, to the left of the picture below. Oh how cute!! I also enjoyed showing Andrew around campus and where I used to live.

I'll try to post soon about the wedding and other recent events.

Much love!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wedding week

Welcome to the wedding week! Where "Just Married" signs are to be made (I HATE hot glue guns), pew decorations are to be figured out, directions & programs printed, still need to find that something old and something blue, and finalize those sweet little touches to a wedding. There's a lot to be done still, but I want to remember it all and enjoy every minute!

I hope our wedding ceremony will be worshipful and slow. I want our bridesmaids to walk slowly down the aisle and then for us to take a moment to look at those gathered together. I want to enjoy it. I want our reception to be not a wedding reception but a party, where people sit and talk and we can spend time with our small crowd of family and friends. It's a little hard to be the center of attention. I feel much more comfortable celebrating others than receiving it. For those coming, it means the world to us. Truly. {I can't wait to see you, Kath, LA, Erin, Mirabelle, Katiebug!}

I've also felt pounded by the weightiness of the recent news events. The tornadoes in Alabama were so devastating and left me to remember that our hope shouldn't be in the things of this world, but in heaven. As a bride who is humbly receiving the gifts others want to bless us with, I need to remember that it could all be gone in a flash. The royal wedding got me so excited about ours, and thankful for our small guest list. :)

What joy there is knowing that we will soon be married and then life can resume. Andrew and I will make our house (apt) a home and have people over and the news of the day will be work at the office and my care will be what to make for dinner.

Until then, I'm going to savor each of my last days as a single girl, and as CCC.