Thursday, May 19, 2011

Living with a boy

Living with a man is real fun. Oh but we're so different. Andrew is the more predictable, disciplined and level-headed one and I'm the more emotional, free-spirited and whimsical one. He likes to do things and make quick decisions while I need time and have to "feel" it before I make decisions.

Andrew talks fast (real fast) and eats even faster. I realized this had affected me one day when we had a couple over a month before we got married. I served dinner and 5 minutes in it hit me that both Andrew & I had completely finished our meal and our guests still had lots of food on their plate. Oh my gosh, I thought, I'm now a fast eater too! This was fully realized when we went to Cowfish last Saturday (if you live in Charlotte, go! it's a sushi & burger place. so good!). We had the waitress bring out a sample of their fried pickles (Welcome to the South!) and there were three on the plate. We each took one but mine was still super hot, I put it down. Andrew ate his and then after a minute picked up the last one and ate it. I was like what?!??! That's when it dawned on me: eating with Andrew is the survival of the fastest. I had one of those "ah-ha wife moments".

He also watches Sci-Fi and I told him to give me a year to like it. Although I might need longer. ;) There have been a few times when I have more of those "ahhh, I'm living with a boy" moments and I usually tell him. One day I asked if he had any living with a girl moments and then he immediately said, "Yes! Your bobby pins, hairbands and earrings that you leave all around the house! I don't know what to do with them and I don't know where they go!!" Haha... oh good times. :)


Michelle Tompkins said...

Haahahah, I love Andrew's comment! Aaron Ray laughed with me. I read it out loud.

Dorothy said...

Welcome to marriage. Keep laughing!