Friday, August 28, 2009

Done and farewell

Something happened to me and my mom today that I will never forget. It was one of the most special, overwhelming and amazing experiences I never thought I would have.

After we gave out cookies to our nurses, PA's and the volunteers, Mom got her chemo. We sat there for about 2 hours like we had all summer. But when she was done, we quickly grabbed purses, baskets, pillows, etc and ran. No, really. We did. Once we got to the hallway, we could see the door and we just bolted. I had our poster in hand that 'We made it' and showed it to all those we ran by. Once we got outside the doors I burst into tears. My mom and I both cried as if we had just run a marathon and finally, FINALLY reached the finish line. It was extremely overwhelming and I was left feeling a sense of relief that I haven't felt in 4 months. No more chemo.

Life. We've been given life and we're so thankful for it. I realized this more when the thought came to us that her hair will start to grow again. Grow, hair, grow! Thank you Lord for life, a new outlook and new beginnings.

Good timing. Done with chemo today and headed back to NYC on Sunday. What a summer!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not so hidden messages

So just recently have I noticed a few creative messages around me. I've had these items of clothing for a while, but haven't really looked closely at them.

Check it out:

- Flats from Urban: a tag sewed on the bottom says: fairy tales are true (Yay!)

- Khakis from J.Crew: the inside pocket fabric has the word spontaneous and its definition (This really made me want to be more spontaneous)

- Pants from Anthropologie: along the edge it says With clothes the new are the best, with friends the old are better. (True, oldest friend is Alpacs!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sorry for the blog break- just needed to close it for a few days.

I will say this, if you read my blog I would love to know who you are! :) I don't want to make it private but might have to be more careful of what I write from now on.

But for now, CCC in NC (almost CCC in NYC) is back up and running.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Plans for the Fall

I'm headed back to New York City, baby!

It's been quite the stressor working out all of the logistics from North Carolina, but here goes:

It all begins next Friday when we will CELEBRATE my Mom's last day of chemo. I'll go with her to the cancer center one last time and look away from the needles one last time and thank the oncologist, PA's and nurses one last time for taking such great care of her. I will happily leave and not look back. We will then have a celebratory dinner as a family. Cancer, we kicked your ass this summer!

The next day I will head to Charlotte for Sara and John's wedding with Al, Gin & the guys. I can't wait. The next day, Gin and I will drive up to MD. I'll spend a few days up there with her, go to museums in DC while she's at work and offer to walk Bo Obama. I'll then head up to home sweet home, NYC. I'll pack up my stuff at Park Ave apt. and then head to Long Island for Labor Day weekend. That Sunday I'll come back and move into my cute little Brooklyn sublet. I decided that it's a wise decision to only commit for a month and look for a job, instead of signing a year long lease without any leads. Although if I do get a job, I will stay in the apartment the remainder of the lease. I've never met my new roommate, but she seems lovely and check out these pics of the new apartment. How CUTE! (And a good size for the 3rd annual FG Tgiving dinner!)

I was talking with Ginna earlier in the summer and I remember saying how I couldn't wait for my life to begin again. She looked at me and said, "Carrie, this is your life. Right now. Where you are. This is life." It was such a good reminder. For much of May and June I was missing NYC and then I embraced, if you will, my time here at home. I can honestly say it's been a wonderful summer. The first few months of my Mom's chemo was brutal and I never want to revisit those days. July was special because Al got married and I got to go to NYC and see friends. August has been the best, though. Wow, what a great month.
So those are my plans. We'll see what happens! So much is up in the air and when I find myself just wanting stability, consistency and a schedule... I have to remember that one day I'll have it. For now, I'll just go along for the ride, for whatever may come next. :)

This pretty much sums it up:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This one's for LA

I love reading The New Yorker magazine and should renew my subscription already. I've missed a couple of weeks, so I went to B&N (because there aren't bodegas on every corner in Greensboro) today to pick one up. After reading the introductory articles on the side, I opened to the cover and ... voila! it was as if I was sitting across the Brooklyn Bridge watching a movie with LA. Oh how happy I was. (Go here to see the cover, at the top right side of the website... I couldn't transfer image.)

Also, ironically, I got a text soon thereafter from LeeAnne with the following message:

'Omg- guy in Union Square in a kilt playing the bagpipes, girl with BRIGHT hot pink hair trance-dancing in front of him... This is why people think New York is crazy!'

Haha, New York at it's finest! Can't wait to see you soon!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We just moved to this cute little house in the country back in the winter, so it's been fun to watch and see what the previous owners have planted. I was overjoyed when I discovered this lonesome sunflower! It's definitely not August without sunflowers!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Happy Birthday Tammy!!

Today my good friend Tammy turns 30! We met in the Winter of 2006 when we were both nannies on Long Island. After that we got together every weekend for lunch. Once we had jobs in the City, we then met up for dinner once a week, my favorites including: Serendipity, Annie Moores, Southern Hospitality (we had just missed JT!), PJ Clarke's by the river, and so many more! We know how to shop. We have traveled to the North Fork many times. We have ventured to the Hamptons, Montauk, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Jones Beach (ouch), and all over Long Island. We enjoy Knicks basketball games after halftime, running through empty subways, laughing over margaritas, fried anything at Oyster Bay fairs, the museum of tv & radio (not) and staying at restaurants til they kick us out... cause we talk that much.

Hope you have a happy, happy day, Tam! Thanks for your friendship. We'll be sure to celebrate when I return. And let's plan that trip to Maine!

Montauk, 2006

Memorial Day, 2008

Ferry to MV, 2008

Christmas 2008

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fre is going to college!

Tonight we celebrated as our little Fre's dream came true: she's going to college on Saturday! We all gave her many necessary gifts such as surge protectors, plastic cups and bowls (Al, where are ours from Eggers?) and a trashcan. We also prepared her for winter up North and got her snow & rain boots, a warm blanket and warm clothes.

It was such a wonderful evening. I've been volunteering at the children's hospital all week and came home emotionally drained. I enjoy volunteering, but it's really, really hard to see child after child with iv tube, not able to walk, etc. Tonight is just what I needed. How special it is to catch up with long time friends, like you Jane!... and people who have known you forever. It's just easy and comfortable- and that's how I like it.

Just a few of the people who love Fre! The rest were on the deck near the citronella candles to keep away from the skeeters.

Love this one: me w/ all the kids I grew up babysitting. Woah.

A silly picture because life is fun.

The family, minus Ginna :(, with our sweet Frebers.

Pencil it in

Who: Anyone!
What: The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k run/walk
Where: Central Park
When: September 13th at 9am
Why: To raise awareness, help provide grants to the community, fund research and walk/run in honor & memory of all the women (and men) who have fought it- like my Mom!

Monday, August 10, 2009

63 things

So I've been on a blog freeze lately and haven't had much to write about. Not that life hasn't been interesting, because it has, but it's August and the living is easy. Plus I have a lot of decisions to make in the next few weeks mainly: location, career, housing, job, etc. So I'll wait to share those with this public blog until I have concrete answers and plans.

Anyway, I was looking through old blog posts for some reason and found this post I wrote back in December when Facebook had its "post 25 things you don't know about me" phase. While I enjoyed learning new things about my friends, I decided to disclose mine to a smaller crowd. I made a blog post about it and went above and beyond with lofty plans to put up a post for my 100th blog post. So I sat down and wrote out 100 things people don't know about me/thoughts/opinions and all of those other little blurbs. Clearly, even though I was a much better blogger then (I'm blaming the August heat!) to sit down and come up with 100 things, I never posted it.

I had a lot of fun going back and reading what I wrote and while most of it is still true, I definitely had to cut back on those 100 insights into my life. There were some that were just stupid and then those little, special nothings that only your closest friends and family should know about you.

SO! Here goes. While I have taken out a lot, I haven't added any- although I really could. Enjoy!

1. I hate lotion.

2. I love, love, love giving birthday gifts.

3. I don't like coffee, but I'm trying to like it.

4. I buy peonies on May 1st.

5. I love traditions

6. I am in complete awe of my Mother who has this crazy awesome and amazing passion and love for horses. I will never understand it or feel the same way... but this is one thing that I love about her

7. I can't handle food in the fridge for too long... esp. milk and other dairy products; if it's close to being old- forget it!

8. I rub my nose a funny way and have a permanent crease in the middle of it for this very reason. Oh and my family hates it when I do this.

9. I was a nanny for two little boys. Being a nanny was one of the best things I've ever done. I love those boys more than they will ever know.

10. I put a little dent my soda cans. Every time.

11. I like having a perfume for each season.

12. When I like a song I will play it over and over a million times.

13. I think it is important to know people in your neighborhood and to know their names.

14. When I say hello to Manuel, my pizza guy or walk past my flower guy, Jose, and they wave back, I feel more "known" in my City of millions than in my small hometown in NC

15. I hate when the covers are all folded in and my feet can't get out.

16. I'm not good at giving massages.

17. I was a vegetarian for 6 years.

18. I love visiting with friends.

19. Just two of the many times I have recently been overwhelmed by God's goodness are:

20. When I was on Martha's Vineyard this past Fall riding a bike through the island, sun on my face and I could just feel God's glory. It was an incredible day.

21. When I remember that God gives us the beautiful scent of a flower. And how no man can ever make that.

22. I love stationery!

23. I love, love snail mail!

24. It bothers me when tv characters don't stay loyal in their tv relationships.

25. I love purses and bags.

26. I love going on walks by myself late at night in the snow.

27. One time I yelled at a taxi cab driver when he slammed on the breaks after I told him to go slow because I had a HUGE crock pot full of soup in my lap. I felt sooo bad and apologized for my rude outburst even though I had soup all over me.

28. If I could choose my last meal it would be from this amazing European wrap place in Huntington, Long Island. Oh. Yummnesssss.

29. I could live off of chocolate chip cookies for the rest of my life

30. I love my sisters tremendously.

31. There's this picture of them taken by my cousin... they were maybe 6,7 years old and I still see their personalities as the same.

32. I give most people nicknames. Except if your name is Aaron.

33. No one can make me laugh like Allison can.

34. The number 34 is one of my favorite numbers and I'm not sure why. (Ok, so maybe it was Mike Dunleavy's jersey number at Duke)

35. One of my favorite moments in life is when my Dad laughs. I mean really laughs.

36. My cousin Jonathan can make my Dad really laugh.

37. In 10 years I want to have to send out 500 Christmas cards.

38. I want to keep in touch with everyone I grew up with, know now and will know.

39. It bothers me to no end when people don't give up their seats for pregnant women, women with young children or the elderly on subways or buses. It also makes me cry when a stranger gives up their seat for me, which rarely happens.

40. I think pacifiers look funny on kids.

41. I love to cook and bake.

42. I graduated in a class of 7 people- I still consider them some of my dearest friends.

43. I would love to have the luxury of owning a boat one day.

44. I only use black pens when I write.

45. My cursive and print handwriting are very distinct of each other.

46. I get two eggs and cheese on a roll with salt and pepper from the deli down the street once every weekend.

47. I remember and know a lot of people's birthdays.

48. I love feta cheese.

49. My left pinky finger has been broken since the 2nd grade.

50. I've been to China 3 times.

51. I prefer Coke and don't think I will ever drink Diet Coke.

52. I love the smell of Christmas.

53. I hate using pencils. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me.

54. I don't think people should put Honeymoon pictures on Facebook. Or at least put a tasteful few of y'all in front of the sunset. We don't need to see you in your bathrobes. There. I said it.

55. I love a big, wrap around front porch.

56. Home is definitely where the heart is.

57. I think I might be Monica on Friends.

58. My pastor, Dr. Tim Keller, is one of the coolest people I know. And I've never met him.

59. I love that my Dad and I are birthday buddies and Gin and Awah are birthday buddies.

60. I hate UNC, but only in March. And especially when Duke loses to UNC.

61. I love when family and friends come to visit me in NYC.

62. I love tulips in the spring, peonies in May, ferns & hydrangeas in the summer, sunflowers in August, mums in the fall, roses in December, and gerbra daisies any time of the year!

63. Last and most important: I love the Gospel and what Christ did on the cross for me.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bjerke One!

Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples, Aaron & Erica Bjerke!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Embroidery is back

Oh I think these are darling! I found them on 100 Layer Cake and you can order them through the Etsy seller posted on the blog. Al, I can see you & B with one of these! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Goodbye, for real

The 6ft lady from Georgia is coming tomorrow to pick up Mick, so my Mom and I went out to the stable today to bid our final farewell. It was an emotional time for my mom as she has had Mick for 4 years and put so much time and energy into him. She said it feels right to sell him, though, which makes the situation a lot easier.
Mom & Mick

He is HUGE!

Mick trying to bite me. I don't think he ever liked me.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I'll have a Checker burger w/ a side of fun

Ever had a Checker burger? No? You should. Although I probably won't ever eat another Checkers anything because for part of Summer '03, my good friend Alan and I worked there. We were on summer project with Crusade and had to find jobs- this was the only job available. I don't remember much of the experience except that my red Checkers shirt was way too big and I hated doing the fries because the grease would burn me.

But, at least Alan was there. I think we were at different work stations but would often look at each other and think, 'what in the world are we doing here?'. Fun experience, though! Anyway, we've kept in touch over the years, got together in the spring when he was up visiting NYC, and this past weekend I went down to Columbia, SC to attend a wedding with him. One of his co-workers got married and it was the biggest wedding I've ever been to. The entire church was packed. The reception was elegant as well and it was a lovely evening in the South.

I had never been to Columbia, but it's a beautiful city with USC nestled in the middle, lots of cute shops, a great steak house ;), and my hotel had an awesome rooftop view of the city. So the fun continues with Alan Davis!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Mirabelle!

Happy Birthday, Miriam!! I hope you have an exciting & fun day w/ Chris, Ollie & friends! You are such a wonderful friend and I love our visits. Can't wait to see you soon!