Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday LeeAnne!!

Today is my dear friend LeeAnne's Birthday! Hooray!

Last night we had a small FG party to celebrate LA & Pamela's bday (on Monday).

Urban babies are cool

I frequently babysit the cutest little girl in Tribeca. She is a NYC baby- has super trendy clothes, has a nanny, goes to music, gym and soccer classes, already interviewing at prestigious preschools and is so adorable.

We often read a ton of books but this is my favorite: Urban Babies Wear Black. Each page has something an urban baby does. I will usually read saying: Urban Babies drink ___ and she'll fill in: latte's. Or Urban babies go to the opera. Urban babies know how to hail a taxi. My favorite is the urban babies go to yoga. And actually she has been to yoga once before w/ her mom. So when we read that page, she'll then get on the floor and do the downward dog pose. Did I mention she's not even two years old?

They're Back!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Overheard in New York

No, no, this isn't from the website- which I occasionally check and aside from the crudeness - it cracks me up or leaves me wondering who these crazy people are in my city.

I overheard what I'm about to tell you while I was waiting for an interview. (And to keep yall updated, the job hunting is going ok and progressing but leaving me exhausted and missing my old company, old co-workers and everything that was normal and comfortable. And I've also come to realize that it's probably not cool when they ask me what I really want to do with my life, to answer that I just want to get married, have children, read to them every day, make crafts and make dinner. Yeah, let me know where I can interview for that. But that's the update.)

Back to the point.

Setting: two male co-workers in an office next door chatting.

"Dude, what I've learned from the past four months of marriage is: Happy Wife, Happy Life".

And both erupt in laughter.

And I'm sure it's probably soooo true.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This News Just In

Well you'll never guess what.

So, before I moved to New York City, I lived on Long Island. I lived in Lloyd Harbor or Lloyd Neck- same thing. It's located on the North Shore of LI, right near Huntington. I lived there when I was a nanny and grew to love, love, love the area.

Now, guess who's moving there.

Brad and Angelina!,0,5370589.story

Um, hello. Why do they have to move there now that I'm gone!??! Let's just say, that Nicholas and Alec could potentially have some pretty awesome playdates w/ Pax & Maddox. And, well, I don't have a job. Perhaps I could be Knox and Viv's new nanny.

So, that's the latest news. I will leave you with my favorite pictures of the boys at Caumsett State Park, back in the day. Surely a place where the Jolie-Pitt crew will have many a picnics.

Monday, January 26, 2009

All I've got

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

- 2 Corinthians 3:17-18

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I saw this tonight. Amazing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The men of today

Hi Friends!

I finally made it to DC after a crazy Chinatown bus ride where we had to call 911 on our bus driver and switch buses on the NJ Turnpike in the snow. Fun.

So I met up w/ Allison & Ginna and we headed to the National Mall where we heard Bono, Bruce, Beyonce, Biden and Barack!

Then after the concert, we were walking back to the Metro and heard people shouting. I looked and there he was. I couldn't believe it. Anderson Cooper. He was right in front of us and I was so excited that I reached out and touched him. Ahh. I have a slight crush on AC and went a little star crazy. So this is the closest picture I got with him. What a day.

*Photo credits belong to Miss. Virginia Ann Clement

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Something you don't hear every day...

*Caution: Read at your own risk. Seriously. You might not be able to sleep at night. Esp. if you hate snakes*

Last night I was having dinner w/ LA, Perr & Pam in a cute & cozy East Village restaurant that has the best fish tacos in all of Manhattan. They were pretty good. So we're sitting at this table- the lights were dimmed and candles lit and the wind howling outside. We were chatting along and then LA tells us this true story. Here goes:

One of our friends, Daniela, her friend's niece loves snakes. Loves them. I think the girl is around 7 years old. So this girl gets a python. She loves the snake so much that she lets it sleep with her (I know!! Where/who are her parents!?!) So at first the snake sleeps in a nice little coil at the end of her bed. I guess this goes on for some time. Nothing is unusual to the girl. She sleeps. The snake sleeps. All is well.

After some time, the girl notices that the snake hasn't been eating. The family thinks the snake is sick. Well the snake also hasn't been sleeping in a coil at the end of the bed anymore, either. It's started to elongate, stretching out more in the bed. The concerned family thinks it must be very sick, so they take the snake to the vet doctor, snake doctor- whoever it is.

Once they tell the doctor that the snake hasn't been eating that much and that nothing else has really changed about it, except that it's been stretching out next to the girl while she sleeps, they get the news.

The doctor then immediately warns them that the snake should never sleep with the girl again (duh) because.... it's starving itself and stretching out to see how long it has to be to... eat her. Ahhhh! Omg. Can you imagine?! First of all, what parents let a child sleep with a python?!?! And secondly, how scary!

So LA tells us this story and I'm freaked out. Of course we go on to talk about other things and I forget about the snake.

Until. I'm laying in bed last night and right before I'm about to go to sleep, I remember the story! I jump out of bed and luckily Kath was in the living room. I freak out and talk to Michelle about it and then truly debate on whether or not to sleep on the couch. I didn't. I was brave. But what a story!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Yes, it is currently -1 degree (or is it degrees, Dad?) in NYC. That is cold. But not as cold as the people who were chillin on the Hudson yesterday.

I've made it another week w/o a job- had a minor panic attack yesterday but today is a new day and the weekend is almost here. Thank goodness! I'm still debating on whether or not I should go to DC this weekend for the Inauguration festivities- and of course to hang out w/ Al & Gin. We'll see if there are any leads in the job front today... and also if I have the energy to go to DC w/ probably half of America.

Hope yall have a great weekend :)

We're All Winners

Well, the blog giveaway was a flop. I'm assuming I either don't have blog readers or you all are already warm. Who can pass up a free pashmina?! But no worries, cause Gin & Mom, you both win! Hooray! *Throws confetti*

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog Giveaway!

Here we go! I'm having a blog giveaway! What is it, you ask?

A beautiful pashmina!

I know, I know. It's nothing big. But it will give me something to do and give one of you something to keep you warm. (And if you're a guy and pashmina's aren't your thing, you could give it to your mom, gf, wife, other.)

So, here's the deal: you have to comment with the answers to the following things. I will draw a random name and contact you and then send you a pashmina. I've also put pictures below of what a pashmina looks like but for the winner, I will pick out one in answer to your first question.

1. Favorite color
2. Favorite thing about NYC
3. Some way to contact you: email, blog, etc.

*Submit all entries by Thursday, January 15th at 11:59pm. *


Just a few, final thoughts for today:

1. I miss my Mom a lot.
2. I am sooo ready for Summer fruit.
3. And late Summer tomatoes.
4. I think I might be getting sick.
5. Al & Gin, check your email.
6. I am dying to know what Jen & Ben named baby #2.
7. Stay tuned because something fun is coming tomorrow :D

Monday, January 12, 2009


Hi folks! Now that I lost my job, I have a lot more time on my hands. And guess what I'm going to do about it. Blog. I am going to blog and blog for hours and hours, so for those of you at work who are bored- you can have something to read. And I will feel good because I am contributing to society, in some way.

This morning I had an interview at another PE firm. Just the fact that I went on an interview is so encouraging! There was talk of a second interview, but we'll see. I know you'll be on the edge of your seats awaiting the news, blog world. So I'll let you know asap.

My friend Megan was in town this past weekend. She's a friend from middle school, when we both lived in NC. We then traveled the world together w/ her Dad cause he's a pilot and could get us free rides to, oh, say Paris where we happened to sit First Class where they happened to give us warm washcloths before we ate our shrimp cocktail before we put in our walkmans to listen to Creed. Ah, those were the days.

It was only fitting that Meg and I hit up the Met while she was here. We "grew up" in art galleries in Paris- the Louvre and even saw where Monet lived. So, at the Met, we walked along, enjoying different collections and discussing what we thought this piece meant or what that piece was trying to say. It was a great time.

I took Meg to Brother Jimmy's where we had good 'ole Southern BBQ amongst ACC memorabilia. Fitting. Especially since Duke was playing while we ate and they won. (Who is that other top 10 team who lost last night? I know, I know. Don't dish it if you can't take it.) But then yesterday we went to see Jersey Boys, which was fun. Not my fav. Broadway play, but I'm glad I've seen it. Overall, great weekend.

So, now it's the afternoon and I'm enjoying this free time. A lot of things are still up in the air about what to do next and things of that nature. But I'm feeling much better about it all. Plus I might be visiting that Ginna girl and Alpacs this weekend in DC. Holla.

Ok, that's all I've got.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thank You

It's funny how losing your job feels like a death and how you have to grieve and deal with so many things after it happens. It's been an up and down week. Lots of support (thank you!) and even joy, but then lots of tears and uncertainty. I've felt very weary, drained and exhausted- mainly from the emotional strain of it all.

But how amazing it is to have community and such dear friends. I have actively sought out, especially, those friends of mine who have lost their jobs in the past few months. What an encouragement they are to me! Such wisdom, advice and "realness" they have!

God is so good to give me such amazing NYC friends. Here are just a few of them (from Liz's g'bye gathering... we'll miss you, Lizziepie!):

Monday, January 5, 2009

A long walk home

Well folks, it finally happened to me. It has happened to so many of my friends here in the City and I guess it was just a matter of time before it went from Wall St. to Main St., or so they say. But I lost my job today. I know news travels fast... but here it is coming from the source.

I'm doing ok. I wasn't surprised as I've been working closely with our CFO and knew the financial situation of our firm. But I was definitely shocked when I went in to work and found out that today was my last day. So sad. I really, really loved my job. I loved the people who I worked with and it was comfortable- I knew all of the delivery guys, our security people downstairs and everyone. I burst into tears when I saw the man who comes to check/change our lightbulbs every M/W. Even though I saw him twice a week for the past year, I knew him a little and heard stories about his family. I think I'll miss that. I'll miss the little things.

It's so hard to suddenly go from a place where you know all of the clients and who likes what for lunch and basically how to run the office. That was the hardest part. The shock of realizing that I will no longer get beautiful flowers Monday morning to bring in to work (which I did this morning, tulips :) ), that I had to suddenly say goodbye to my dear co-workers and that things will change.

But God is good and I trust him wholly. It's almost a relief to know and to now move on. Sure, I was really upset and hurt and have no idea, NO IDEA what I'm going to do next. But if the God of the universe gave his Son for me, to die in my place- I know he loves me. And if in His word it says he takes care of the sparrows, I know he'll take such good care of me.

Actually, I won't expound upon this because it would take longer than a blog entry to explain. But something quite amazing happened right as I left and said goodbye. If this is possible to say on the day you got laid off, what happened at the very end of my time at SV was like the cherry on the top of a wonderful work experience. So even as I was carrying home all of my bags, tons of shoes I had under my desk, a few Sharpies I took :), and other personal work items, I can still say that God's hand was on today. And I left without feeling bitter or angry. And I'm thankful for that.

But friends, I don't and won't waste time. As soon as the door hit me on the way out I found another door to open and that's one of a recruiter. I met w/ a Head Hunter and he said he could find me a job in two weeks. I thought 'yeah right'. But instead responded with a big smile and tears in my eyes and said, "that would be great".

I then walked allll the way home and cried and laughed as I thought about what's next. What to do and where to go. I have no idea. It's a brand new year and I haven't given up on it yet cause life is an adventure.

So. Who's up for lunch this week? I'm free any time :).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reach for the Stars (cheesy, I know)

Well break has ended and I'm actually rather pleased. It was a delightful, much needed respite from work and daily life but I'm ready to get back into a routine! I'm excited to go to work tomorrow and resume my normal weekly activities.

Tonight I went to church and the sermon was relevant to what I've been thinking about lately and was overall very encouraging. I got to talk to some friends afterwards and catch up on all things Christmas break. On my way home I was walking in a UWS neighborhood and I'm assuming that Christmas tree collection is tomorrow because there were many sad little trees on their sides along the curb. Oh right. That's what happens after we ring in the New Year. Throw out the tree. Kinda sad.

So as I was walking along, putting a mental mark on the lonely pro side of my list of why to have a fake tree, I saw the most amazing thing. I just happened to look up in the sky and there was a shooting star! Ooooh, aaahh. I'm not kidding. Ok, well maybe it wasn't. I'm not sure what it was, actually. Perhaps it was a leftover firework from New Years. But there was definitely something in the sky and it was beautiful. I'm pretty sure it was a shooting star (even though we don't really have stars in NYC). And I'm pretty sure it was just for me. I can't really describe it to you. Just one of those things where you had to be there. But it was incredible.

Afterwards, I felt like a pretty special New Yorker as I'm sure I was the only one who saw it. I was on a 'shooting star high' and made my way home. It was a cold evening, but I was somewhat warm, so I decided to walk through the park. I cross the street and as I do, I hear a honk behind me and turn around to watch a biker get hit by a car!! He wasn't hurt. Thank goodness. But I then burst into tears. I know... these things make me cry. Perhaps it was the fact that he might have been hurt, or that it could've been me, but most likely it was the fact that I was then brought down from being amongst the stars back to reality. Oh right, people can get hit by cars. But he was fine and I then made my way home. Whew.

Anywho- hope you have a wonderful, most special day tomorrow (especially you, LeeAnne!!). And watch out for crazy NYC drivers!! But also watch out to be amazed at God's creation! :)


P.S. My Dad is awesome in many ways but here is one recent testament to his awesomeness: he just sent me a text that read: "UNC beat... yea". Enough said.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brand New

I am so thankful for new, fresh starts.

The New Year officially arrived at 12:00am on Thursday morning when I was with dear friends dancing the night away.

But today is also a new day. I'm so glad God continues to pursue me and desires that I trust in Him, even when I don't understand different things or know what is ahead. Here's to letting go and to looking forward.

To whatever it may hold.