Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reach for the Stars (cheesy, I know)

Well break has ended and I'm actually rather pleased. It was a delightful, much needed respite from work and daily life but I'm ready to get back into a routine! I'm excited to go to work tomorrow and resume my normal weekly activities.

Tonight I went to church and the sermon was relevant to what I've been thinking about lately and was overall very encouraging. I got to talk to some friends afterwards and catch up on all things Christmas break. On my way home I was walking in a UWS neighborhood and I'm assuming that Christmas tree collection is tomorrow because there were many sad little trees on their sides along the curb. Oh right. That's what happens after we ring in the New Year. Throw out the tree. Kinda sad.

So as I was walking along, putting a mental mark on the lonely pro side of my list of why to have a fake tree, I saw the most amazing thing. I just happened to look up in the sky and there was a shooting star! Ooooh, aaahh. I'm not kidding. Ok, well maybe it wasn't. I'm not sure what it was, actually. Perhaps it was a leftover firework from New Years. But there was definitely something in the sky and it was beautiful. I'm pretty sure it was a shooting star (even though we don't really have stars in NYC). And I'm pretty sure it was just for me. I can't really describe it to you. Just one of those things where you had to be there. But it was incredible.

Afterwards, I felt like a pretty special New Yorker as I'm sure I was the only one who saw it. I was on a 'shooting star high' and made my way home. It was a cold evening, but I was somewhat warm, so I decided to walk through the park. I cross the street and as I do, I hear a honk behind me and turn around to watch a biker get hit by a car!! He wasn't hurt. Thank goodness. But I then burst into tears. I know... these things make me cry. Perhaps it was the fact that he might have been hurt, or that it could've been me, but most likely it was the fact that I was then brought down from being amongst the stars back to reality. Oh right, people can get hit by cars. But he was fine and I then made my way home. Whew.

Anywho- hope you have a wonderful, most special day tomorrow (especially you, LeeAnne!!). And watch out for crazy NYC drivers!! But also watch out to be amazed at God's creation! :)


P.S. My Dad is awesome in many ways but here is one recent testament to his awesomeness: he just sent me a text that read: "UNC beat... yea". Enough said.


jacquelyn said...

thank God I am not insane! I saw it as well and have been googling 'comet over manhattan' for the past few hours, when i finally saw your blog. What WAS that beautiful thing? I was walking at 14th and 6th when I saw it!

happy new year, thank you for the validation.

mc said...

CCC, I think there have been maybe 2 or 3 times I've witnessed a very bright shooting star. It is indeed quite a magical feeling. Once was with Mom. Nice your friend shared it with you. Have a great week. Love always, Dad

Sheila said...

I miss your beautiful face.

I am so glad you knew me when I started dating Andrew!