Saturday, January 17, 2009

Something you don't hear every day...

*Caution: Read at your own risk. Seriously. You might not be able to sleep at night. Esp. if you hate snakes*

Last night I was having dinner w/ LA, Perr & Pam in a cute & cozy East Village restaurant that has the best fish tacos in all of Manhattan. They were pretty good. So we're sitting at this table- the lights were dimmed and candles lit and the wind howling outside. We were chatting along and then LA tells us this true story. Here goes:

One of our friends, Daniela, her friend's niece loves snakes. Loves them. I think the girl is around 7 years old. So this girl gets a python. She loves the snake so much that she lets it sleep with her (I know!! Where/who are her parents!?!) So at first the snake sleeps in a nice little coil at the end of her bed. I guess this goes on for some time. Nothing is unusual to the girl. She sleeps. The snake sleeps. All is well.

After some time, the girl notices that the snake hasn't been eating. The family thinks the snake is sick. Well the snake also hasn't been sleeping in a coil at the end of the bed anymore, either. It's started to elongate, stretching out more in the bed. The concerned family thinks it must be very sick, so they take the snake to the vet doctor, snake doctor- whoever it is.

Once they tell the doctor that the snake hasn't been eating that much and that nothing else has really changed about it, except that it's been stretching out next to the girl while she sleeps, they get the news.

The doctor then immediately warns them that the snake should never sleep with the girl again (duh) because.... it's starving itself and stretching out to see how long it has to be to... eat her. Ahhhh! Omg. Can you imagine?! First of all, what parents let a child sleep with a python?!?! And secondly, how scary!

So LA tells us this story and I'm freaked out. Of course we go on to talk about other things and I forget about the snake.

Until. I'm laying in bed last night and right before I'm about to go to sleep, I remember the story! I jump out of bed and luckily Kath was in the living room. I freak out and talk to Michelle about it and then truly debate on whether or not to sleep on the couch. I didn't. I was brave. But what a story!


leeanne said...

okay, i already posted this on your facebook wall, but i feel bad for disturbing you and i want to be sure that there are no people out there who have to sleep on the couch because of this story:

according to, this story is false. whew.

leeanne said...

it's still a pretty good horror story to tell, though.... :)

Lucy said...

OOOOH that is SO freaky!!! And disturbing! What idiots!!!!

PamCakes said...

Or according to me it's urban leagand, seeing how I heard it from my friends when I was home.

perryn said...

still scary Carrie. I'm with you - urban legend or not!