Monday, January 5, 2009

A long walk home

Well folks, it finally happened to me. It has happened to so many of my friends here in the City and I guess it was just a matter of time before it went from Wall St. to Main St., or so they say. But I lost my job today. I know news travels fast... but here it is coming from the source.

I'm doing ok. I wasn't surprised as I've been working closely with our CFO and knew the financial situation of our firm. But I was definitely shocked when I went in to work and found out that today was my last day. So sad. I really, really loved my job. I loved the people who I worked with and it was comfortable- I knew all of the delivery guys, our security people downstairs and everyone. I burst into tears when I saw the man who comes to check/change our lightbulbs every M/W. Even though I saw him twice a week for the past year, I knew him a little and heard stories about his family. I think I'll miss that. I'll miss the little things.

It's so hard to suddenly go from a place where you know all of the clients and who likes what for lunch and basically how to run the office. That was the hardest part. The shock of realizing that I will no longer get beautiful flowers Monday morning to bring in to work (which I did this morning, tulips :) ), that I had to suddenly say goodbye to my dear co-workers and that things will change.

But God is good and I trust him wholly. It's almost a relief to know and to now move on. Sure, I was really upset and hurt and have no idea, NO IDEA what I'm going to do next. But if the God of the universe gave his Son for me, to die in my place- I know he loves me. And if in His word it says he takes care of the sparrows, I know he'll take such good care of me.

Actually, I won't expound upon this because it would take longer than a blog entry to explain. But something quite amazing happened right as I left and said goodbye. If this is possible to say on the day you got laid off, what happened at the very end of my time at SV was like the cherry on the top of a wonderful work experience. So even as I was carrying home all of my bags, tons of shoes I had under my desk, a few Sharpies I took :), and other personal work items, I can still say that God's hand was on today. And I left without feeling bitter or angry. And I'm thankful for that.

But friends, I don't and won't waste time. As soon as the door hit me on the way out I found another door to open and that's one of a recruiter. I met w/ a Head Hunter and he said he could find me a job in two weeks. I thought 'yeah right'. But instead responded with a big smile and tears in my eyes and said, "that would be great".

I then walked allll the way home and cried and laughed as I thought about what's next. What to do and where to go. I have no idea. It's a brand new year and I haven't given up on it yet cause life is an adventure.

So. Who's up for lunch this week? I'm free any time :).


ginna said...

Oh Carrie. I know I've told you this online and on the phone, but I am so sorry. :( I love you so much and am confident that God is in control and has a great plan for why this happened and what exciting new adventure waits ahead of you. Please let me know what I can do. Whether it's looking at your resume, researching jobs, coming up there to make you a chicken pot-pie, or letting you stay with me for a while (SnuggleFest 2009???). I love you so much!!

Allison said...

ditto what ginna said. seriously, i want to be there for you so badly! i loved you LOTS!

leeanne said...

:( sad day....this only goes to prove my theory that the world is falling apart....

BUT if you need a laugh... have I ever told you the funny story about that song His Eye is on the Sparrow?? I chuckled a little when i read that part of your entry today..

But Carrie, seriously - I am praying for you and I'm here for you if you need anything!! I love you, friend!

perryn said...

I call a lunch date with me and LA :)

mellamovaca said...

carrie--i just read your blog and wanted you to know you're in my heart! i know it's not the best time to spend money, but if you happen to find some spare dollars and happen to find some cheap tickets, you could come have lunch with me in vancouver! (and dinner, and breakfast, and another lunch...) :)