Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not so hidden messages

So just recently have I noticed a few creative messages around me. I've had these items of clothing for a while, but haven't really looked closely at them.

Check it out:

- Flats from Urban: a tag sewed on the bottom says: fairy tales are true (Yay!)

- Khakis from J.Crew: the inside pocket fabric has the word spontaneous and its definition (This really made me want to be more spontaneous)

- Pants from Anthropologie: along the edge it says With clothes the new are the best, with friends the old are better. (True, oldest friend is Alpacs!)


catherine.marie said...

fairytales are true are my favorite shoes that urban makes! i have two pair!

Allison said...

it IS true!

mellamovaca said...

remember the sticker under the sink in the bathroom by your bedroom that said, "God sees the hidden things."? It always kind of creeped me out b/c you could only see it while peeing... but your blog post reminded me of it. I hope life is going well for you!