Saturday, August 22, 2009

Plans for the Fall

I'm headed back to New York City, baby!

It's been quite the stressor working out all of the logistics from North Carolina, but here goes:

It all begins next Friday when we will CELEBRATE my Mom's last day of chemo. I'll go with her to the cancer center one last time and look away from the needles one last time and thank the oncologist, PA's and nurses one last time for taking such great care of her. I will happily leave and not look back. We will then have a celebratory dinner as a family. Cancer, we kicked your ass this summer!

The next day I will head to Charlotte for Sara and John's wedding with Al, Gin & the guys. I can't wait. The next day, Gin and I will drive up to MD. I'll spend a few days up there with her, go to museums in DC while she's at work and offer to walk Bo Obama. I'll then head up to home sweet home, NYC. I'll pack up my stuff at Park Ave apt. and then head to Long Island for Labor Day weekend. That Sunday I'll come back and move into my cute little Brooklyn sublet. I decided that it's a wise decision to only commit for a month and look for a job, instead of signing a year long lease without any leads. Although if I do get a job, I will stay in the apartment the remainder of the lease. I've never met my new roommate, but she seems lovely and check out these pics of the new apartment. How CUTE! (And a good size for the 3rd annual FG Tgiving dinner!)

I was talking with Ginna earlier in the summer and I remember saying how I couldn't wait for my life to begin again. She looked at me and said, "Carrie, this is your life. Right now. Where you are. This is life." It was such a good reminder. For much of May and June I was missing NYC and then I embraced, if you will, my time here at home. I can honestly say it's been a wonderful summer. The first few months of my Mom's chemo was brutal and I never want to revisit those days. July was special because Al got married and I got to go to NYC and see friends. August has been the best, though. Wow, what a great month.
So those are my plans. We'll see what happens! So much is up in the air and when I find myself just wanting stability, consistency and a schedule... I have to remember that one day I'll have it. For now, I'll just go along for the ride, for whatever may come next. :)

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leeanne said...

THIS MAKES MY HEART SO HAPPY!!!! - and super cute apartment!!