Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Good news, folks, I found my camera! I knew it had to be somewhere around here.

It's been a busy week. So, so busy. Oh and I was sick, which made for the most boring St. Patrick's Day ever as I was in bed at 8:30pm. Funny how being sick brings out the drama in me. "Ginna, just in case I die from this stomach bug, know that I love you." ... is what I said to Gin in a recent conversation.

Actually, St. Patty's wasn't all that bad. I had a neighborhood party and made shamrock sugar cookies for the kids, which is a true labor of love. I enjoy baking, but I HATE making homemade sugar cookies. You make the dough, roll it out, flour, more flour, too much flour?, cookie cutter, a part broke, fix it, and then you cut out 30 more cookies and ahhh, the time! Anyway, they were cute and I just need more patience. I admire my old roomie Katiebug because she has a true gift for sugar cookies!

I've missed NYC so much lately. Charlotte seemed dull for St. Patty's and I feel like I should be in Central Park on this blessed first day of Spring. I also miss my Saturday breakfast ritual of an egg sandwich, peach Snapple and a NYT. I could make it myself, but it's more fun when someone else does. :)

Hope you're out enjoying the lovely weather (or watching the glorious maddness of basketball season at its peak!). And Happy Birthday Jason!


Tails from the City said...

OMG. How I miss watching you and Katie make and decorate sugar cookies. It is a beautiful day up here and I miss you!


Allison said...

glad you found your camera! i missed you a lot today! i think it's time we had some good quality time together with no agenda... come with me to FL for spring break, ahem... :)

Suz said...

I thought of you on St. Pat's...I was wearing my green and knew you would too!
I want one of your cookies. :)
Miss ya!