Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas tree!

Hello there! Thought I'd throw in a mid-week post... one that isn't overly upbeat and "I'm so happy it's the weekend", which is generally when I blog.

Anyway, here's a two week old picture of our first Christmas tree. I've since added more Christmas decorations to our lil apartment... but because it's not Saturday, I have no energy to get my camera and take pictures.

I love to check the mail all year round but especially at Christmas! Holiday cards are my favorite. Keep 'em coming!

I have realized something. After 7 months of marriage and two full time jobs for both of us, we're into a good routine. Today it hit me that by the time Thursday rolls around, I do not feel like cooking. I enjoy going out on the weekends, but the night I need a break, or to have someone else make food for me, is Thursday {and thankfully Andrew likes leftovers, which is actually what we had tonight}. Just one of those little things you learn over time. Anyone else understand?

I should also mention that since this is our first Christmas, we don't have a tree topper. Until I find the perfect one, I'm quite content with the unconventional one we have now.... yeah!


Michelle Tompkins said...

So cute! Oh, and by a year and a half of marriage with a full time job, you may not want to cook any night of the week. :) Just sayin'.

becca said...

yeah i was going to ask... isn't there supposed to be an angel on top of the tree? not a devil? ;)

also, i have one word: crockpot. it's amazing not having to cook at night but having a full meal ready for you! plus ours is so big we get at least 3 meals out of it.