Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our time in Greenville, SC

After we left my parents house we headed straight to Greenville to be with Andrew's family this past week.

We met up with this lovely couple who were in town for the holiday, and who Andrew knew when he lived in Japan
We also got to spend time with our nieces! One afternoon we went ice skating which was fun.
The girls did a great job!
That night we ventured out into the windy, cold night to look at Christmas trees.
And found a baby themed tree for Baby Charlie!
Oooh yippee skippy!!!! Al & B made a wonderful last-minute decision to come to Greenville for dinner on Wednesday night. It was SO GOOD to see them! Al & I dined over shrimp tacos and beer and I'm pretty sure we didn't talk to the boys much during that time. There was so much catching up to do!
Then we went to Starbucks to fuel our stroll around town. Notice the Chucks.
Yay for friends!
Me & Al
Thanks so much for coming, Al & B!!!


fraukuech said...

Love the downtown Christmas trees! I go check them out every year with "my" kiddos :)

Allison Parker said...

so fun! we loved seeing you guys!!