Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Update {and a wedding!}

We had a great weekend. Friday was my last day of school. I was exhausted. I stopped by Earth Fare on the way home, picked out a good bottle of beer for AD, came home and wrote on the brown bag: "Thanks for getting me through Part I", left on the counter, then crawled into bed to sleep. Hooray for winter break!!

We also had our friends Beau & Jessica over for spaghetti dinner and then we sat in hours of traffic to see the beautiful McAdenville lights. Hopefully this will become a tradition... but next year we're going on a week night.

Last night we got to celebrate the wedding of our friends Josh & Brenda!

The traditional Ashley & Carrie wedding picture.
Beautiful bride & groom.
Me & AD
Cake! They're moving to Brazil after their honeymoon!
So sweet.
Us with the happy couple!
Cake again!
Just a few of us Uptown girls...

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