Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Almost over

This post is mostly a reminder to my sister, Ginnawinnabinna, who hates the month of February. She hates this month. It's quite comical cause we tend to hear about how "oh no, February is coming" sometime in October. There there Gin, do not worry, it's almost over. Cause February is all sneaky like that and makes you forget it has 28 (sometimes 29) days.

But I kinda like this month. It's short, basketball is in it's full glory (sans Feb 11th) and you still get to snuggle on the couch w/ a good book on a cold Saturday knowing in a month or two you'll be skipping through Central Park with the daffodils.



PamCakes said...

You forgot that it is my birthday month!

ginna said...

Well, in my defense, I dislike January probably as much as February. But here are the reasons:
-The holidays are over and it seems like forever until they are here again.
-Valentine's Day
-It's just so darn cold all the time!
-Spring feels forever off
-It's still early in the year to take off a day for vacation. You can do it, but you just feel guilty about it!
-My wardrobe consists of brown, gray, black, and navy and everything in stores look drab.

But it's not always bad! There is basketball, and it is Black History Month, and March is oh-so-very-close so I get to pick out beautiful presents for my sisters' birthdays.