Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Pamela!!

Tonight we celebrated Pamela's birthday at a charming little Italian eatery down in the West Village. It had two real fireplaces (a rare sight in NYC, for me at least), an indoor patio where you could look up and imagine stars, and candles as means of seeing the menu's. Oh, and it also had a guy that looked just like Josh Lucas.

We had many laughs, good conversation and a special guest dropped off flowers to give to the waitress to give to Pam. ;)

Probably my favorite conversation that came out of the night was when we merged our discussion on the best NYC cupcake (a legit debate for any NYC'r... but of course it's Buttercup) and then our talk about a puppy store LA & Perr went to recently. We decided that there should be a store that sells puppies and cupcakes. My favorite quote was from Perryn: "That would be the happiest store ever." It is true.
Here are the pictures! Make sure to note the 'It's a Girl' balloon! Bahaha. Happy, happy birthday, Pamela!! :)

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PamCakes said...

Thanks for a great birthday!!! Love you!