Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two year itch

So, I have been entertaining the idea of a move. Gasp! I know!

I guess it happens around this time every two years, when I feel the need to spread my wings. Or maybe there's just a Recession and I don't want to pay crazy amounts of rent each month. Either way, I've been dreaming of Park Slope (in Brooklyn). I don't know why. Ok, so maybe it's this one picture that has me dreaming of being Meg Ryan.

I never considered myself a bridge and tunnel kinda girl - but hit me with a job loss and uncertainty in the future, and this might just be a wise financial move. We'll see. Not definite by any means, you New Yorkers know what it's like to apartment search. It's a HUGE headache! But at least I'm excited about the possibility!!


Erin said...

But isn't Brooklyn getting just as expensive as Manhattan? Plus, you guys have a SWEET deal on you UES place...I would live there in a second.

Miriam said...

Woah Woah...Wha??? You can't leave Manhattan!!

Not so sweet anymore, Erin...its gotten quite pricey.

And Carrie...Meg Ryan's townhouse apt. was on the Upper West Side. :)

Liz Spangler said...

MOVE TO PARK SLOPE!!!! :) Michelle Williams lives there, and loads of other cool people used to live there. ;)