Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Late Friday afternoon I found myself sitting in the guest bedroom with a cup of tea and my spring {oh spring! i'm so excited about you!!} Southern Living magazine. It was so cozy. I feel like I've hibernated a lot this winter.

I also ran 10 miles on Sunday! I think the worst part of running is before you run and also the first few miles. You seriously have to mentally prepare yourself for what's about to happen. I also find that I have to drive far away and run a certain number away from my car so I can run back to it. If I try to run in the neighborhood, I'll come back home. :)

On mile 7.5 I ran into a friend on the Greenway. I was so happy to see her. I cried tears of joy because I was so happy. Although I don't think there were actual tears since I might've been a bit dehydrated. Oy.

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Katie said...

Hi Carrie! Hope all is well....I love reading your blog and catching up on your life! Miss you lots xoxo