Wednesday, December 30, 2009


After a summer of chemo, we decided my Mom needed to make up for lost time. So we did what everyone should do after going through something as brutal as cancer: travel to the Caribbean. We drove down to Florida and our first stop was to visit the O'Steens in Ormond Beach. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to continue the tradition of getting together with them at Christmas time. The next day we drove over to Tampa and set off on our adventure.

It was a bit strange to wake up on Christmas morning, put on your bathing suit and head out to the deck to a happening crowd where activities included the hairy chest contest (ew), dance parties and other non-traditional Christmas day festivities. We had a fun time, though.

Favorite cruise moments: snorkeling with beautiful fish in Cozumel, the ocean playground (complete w a trampoline where you jump into turquoise water), catamaran, margarita by the ocean, spending time with family, yummy food, and not being able to check email, phone, etc.

I didn't take many pictures as Lucy was the designated photographer, but here's one of us in Mexico.

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