Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Manor girls

I realized that I haven't formally introduced my roomies! Caitlin and MaryKaren* both work for Crusade and we have the best time together!

Here is our cute little home. We love it! Of course, don't look too closely at the yard... it's a muddy mess with leaves still around from fall. I keep hoping the landscaping guys who drive by will feel an overwhelming sense of pity for us and one day we'll come home to a beautifully landscaped yard. A girl can dream. I mean, come spring I'll plant flowers and a garden, but I've never been too fond of the rake (ask my Dad).

I've enjoyed baking a lot this season. I also found at HT a marked-down produce section where I can get a bag of slighly bruised tomatoes for $1. I've made homemade sauce and other savory dishes. We laugh because while I don't eat much meat, MK's grandfather was a butcher and she LOVES meat!

For some reason, I felt completely safe walking around Harlem after dark or running the reservoir at midnight, but now living in Charlotte, I will do no such thing. Perhaps it's just that any cry for help wouldn't be heard or perhaps it's the crime shows MK & Cait enjoy watching and every now and then I'll tune in and see a jogger getting strangled and then I'm done. However, they enjoy running late at night together and as often as they ask me to join them, I am quite fine running in the morning and staying in a warm house at night.

This is Caitlin & I at Michael's Halloween party. The girls also hosted a tacky sweater party, but none of us ended up wearing sweaters. I mean, who looks cute in a jingle bell turtleneck?

Merry Christmas from the Manor girls!

*We NEVER call MaryKaren, MaryKaren. Heads usually turn if we do. We affectionately call her MK. Of course I call her MK my fav, MmmmmKay, Mmmk and other, various ways to put M & K together.


Suz said...

Cute house!!
You always loved to incorporate a good nick name. :) xoxo Suzzizle

Perryn said...

you ran around the Reservoir at midnight?! Carrie!