Monday, June 21, 2010

Happiest day of the year!

I had every good intention of hosting a dinner party tonight to celebrate one of my favorite days of the year: Summer Solstice! But I'm sick. Or I was sick but now I'm just a little "under the weather". Either way, I wasn't up for much... which meant summer roomie and I sat on the couch with our laptops and watched The Bachelorette. What a silly show. Perhaps I'm just old fashioned and don't think the way to find your soulmate is to have a bunch of producers pick out a handful of men and have you choose "the one" in front of America. I understand it's for ratings and all, but the last place that I'd want to be is in her shoes. I get that she's scared (as confessed tonight), and I would be too! Your heart is not something to give to just anyone.

Well that was my little rant for the night. Hope you had a wonderful longest day of the year, and perhaps a dinner party to celebrate, too! :)

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