Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Update

What a fun weekend it was in Charlotte!

Friday night I had a game night at my house. We played Balderdash and who knew that P.U.F.F. meant 'People United to Fight Frustrations'?!

A few people brought appies/dessert and my friend Josh rolled in with a bag of avocados, coconut milk and cinnamon sugar. Say whaat? Never have I ever heard of such a thing! He mashed up the avocados, mixed in some milk and sugar and voila! a dish served with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips and he got the award for most creative! I was so impressed, or maybe I'm just the last to know about it? Either way, yum.

Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of hanging out with Erin & Henry while Dave took the CFA test in Charlotte. We hung out in Uptown where there was a superhero conference next door. We saw Superman walking across the street and it felt like we were back in NYC with the crazies.

Henry was so good while E & caught up. It was fun to think that the next time I'll see them, they will have a new addition :)

I came home and Cait and I had quite the task of killing a palmetto bug the size of South Carolina. I mean, really, it was huge. We threw shoes at it, I used a hair dryer to get it off the ceiling and then we brought the sucker down with a combined effort of hair spray and static cling spray. We were quite exhausted afterwards.

Sunday after church a bunch of us went to Cabo Fish Taco and I cannot stress how much I LOVE fish tacos. I then came home to take a 4 hour nap. FOUR HOURS! A record. Later that evening we went to Pops in the Park. But, sadly, it got rained out.

Caitlin and Sarah with the strawberry shortcake, Twizzlers and some of Chris' homemade wine. Why so sad, Steve Martin?

Since Pops was rained out, we brought the party back to our house for a FUN game of telephone pictionary. I am still laughing just looking at the pictures from last night. What you do is everyone starts off with a piece of paper and you write down a sentence (see below). "Darth Vader played poker with Bill Clinton." Then the next person has to draw it and cover up the previous sentence and pass it along to the next person. You get the idea. By the time it's over this one read "The Indians came to kill the king the night of his 40th birthday". Try this at your next game night- hilarious!


Allison said...

i love that you still have the pom poms up from michelle's bachelorette weekend! glad it was such a fun weekend! :)

Michelle R. said...

Hahaha...I took a HUGE nap on Sunday after church too! I think it was in the air that day.

Allison said...

you know, i did too! i asked brian to wake me up after 2 hours, but he forgot... i woke up after almost 3 hours!

Suz said...

Fun weekend! And agreed - fish tacos are amazing. mmmm I might have some this weekend!