Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Update

It was a really busy weekend...

We had a going away party for a few girls in our life group last week.

My lovely friend Addie!

My Dad went into the hospital on Thursday for an abscess on his appendix. Not fun. I made it up there on Friday to see my poor Paparoni. I got to visit with him, my mom & the O'Steens who were in town. It was a blast to be together, even though we were in the hospital. I'm sure it's a little weird to take a picture in the hospital, but I just love my Dad & hope he feels better!

Saturday my friend Chris & I went to the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. I've been dying to go here, so it was great to check out some of Charlotte's finest pieces of art. This was a favorite of the many pieces we saw. I love the colors.

I also decided to have a cook-out last minute at my house on Saturday night. It was really fun and I had 7 guys here, a married woman and myself. It made me realize that I need to find more girl friends in Charlotte. Actually what it really means is my roomies need to come home from their adventures! I made my famous summer dinner: homemade bbq, brioche buns, an apple slaw and homemade chocolate chip cookies (of course!). After dinner, a few of the guys stayed around and we played Settlers of Catan, which is the official game of Summer 2010.

I love summer; life is good.

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Suz said...

I hope your Dad is doing well.
I just googled that game Settlers of Catan...looks fun!