Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

This past weekend the three sisters (and a boyfriend) traveled from North Carolina's three largest cities to the country cottage that we like to call home to celebrate our dear Mother's birthday.

We decided to try something new for my Mom's birthday dinner: divvy up the meal. I had appetizer and dessert. Gin & Jeff had the main course. Lu, the salad. My Dad, the naan bread- his specialty. It worked perfectly. I used an appetizer recipe from Al, and it was quite tasty. A fig spread on top of toasted cheese bread with apple and slices of Pecorino Romano cheese. Yum. Holler if you want the recipe.

We had cake, presents and games afterwards.

Yum. Hope you had a great birthday, Mama!

pictures by the lovely lucy clement. but you should've known that because my little point & shoot can't make pics look this good.


Suz said...

How lovely! Your app sounds great, please send recipe my way.

Suz said...

Sounds AND LOOKS greaet!

Suz said...

Man, I can't get anything right tonight. Great.