Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy picture Tuesday

I'm afraid I might be the worst blogger ever. I'm going to try and be better, but life has been so busy lately! I was going through a few pictures and do you ever find things that just make you laugh. It's a well known fact that I can't cut an onion without goggles. My poor roommates over the years have to deal with a utensil drawer filled with the typical garlic press, measuring cups, spatulas and then these little necessary blue goggles in the mix. It's quite a sight, but I highly suggest this method of onion prep.

On that note, this picture was taken in our dear Park Ave apartment and today my old roommate Katie moved from NYC back to her hometown. Even though I'm no longer there, it's a bit sad to think I can't fly up and meet Mirabelle & Katiebug at Sarabeths for a long, cozy brunch, which was one of our favorite roomie traditions. I love traditions, especially with those you live with and I'm so thankful for wonderful roommates. I've had so many and I love them all.

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Tails from the City said...

AWWW! Great post! I miss you and Katiebug and Sarabeth's with you so much! I learned in my cooking class this week that you should never release the chemical from onions that tears up your eyes....if the onion is being diced/chopped a certain way. Knife skills 101 has saved my eyes.