Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dinner parties

Ok, so us Manor girls are quite thankful. See, we have these three guy friends who have been so gracious in helping us maintain our yard. I mean, they've willingly and cheerfully cleaned the shrubs, weeded, pruned and removed the hideous dog house that was rotting in the backyard. Oh and they also planted 5 rose bushes for us! This picture was taken a couple months ago, so we've enjoyed a couple budding roses since then!

We are most appreciative, so the least we could do was to make them dinner. Last night Cait made a yummy lasagna, salad and bread. I did the appies and dessert. I used a Giada recipe where you toast salami slices in the oven and then dip in a sour cream/basil sauce. Yum! I also made a mousse for dessert, and if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know it was almost a disaster. It was some kind of ganache after I made it, but after mixing with a little whole milk, it turned out ok. I made homemade whipped cream and put it all in cocktail glasses, topped with cocoa powder, which all but 3 of us choked on. Oops :).

So the guys came over and we sat at the table talking for hours. After hosting lots of big group parties, I've realized that I absolutly love a small dinner party where everyone sits at the table and it's a bit more intimate and you're not terribly overwhelmed with dishes afterwards at midnight. So this is my new, fall/winter thing. Oh and I am so thankful for good friends!

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