Thursday, February 24, 2011


Life in pictures...

Wedding dress shopping in Atlanta with Allison! (photos by Al) She needs to go into business. These dress cookies were too cute! Thanks for helping me try on lots of dresses and being there when we found "the one"! :) Actually, for some the dress is a big deal. I like my dress but truth be told, I think I'm much more excited about the invitations.

Valentine's breakfast with the roomies! (photo by Cait)

Back to Atlanta for a weekend with Andrew visiting family & friends!

We met Al & B at Piedmont Park for a lovely afternoon with them and...


We stayed with his sister and her family. What adorable nieces I (will) have!

The next day we went for a walk with Al & B and then had fish tacos at their apartment. Al & I LOVE fish tacos so we recreated the meal we had the week before. Thanks for the yummy food, Al!

One of many pictures together...
Then we came back to Charlotte and Andrew moved some of his stuff into our new apartment! Wahoo!

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Michelle Tompkins said...

I love the last picture! You should frame it - The Day's first place!