Thursday, February 3, 2011

Boggle & baking projects

I really try to do a few baking projects a week with the kids to make sure life doesn't get into a dull & boring routine (homework, driving to & from, etc.). So I decided to make homemade pretzels from a Smitten Kitchen recipe and while the dough was rising, Wil-man and I played a game of Boggle. I love playing word games with him because he's so smart and even in every day life he'll pick apart words and their meanings. After Boggle I gave the kids the dough so they could create their own pretzel shapes. I was busy getting the next steps ready when he showed me that he made an 'M' for Mommy. I was about to put it in the oven when he said, "Don't forget about the line!" Because he had made a line for under the 'M'... just so mommy wouldn't be confused if it was an 'M' or 'W'.

It's just the little things in life!

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Michelle Tompkins said...

DANG, he's a smart cookie! So fun, Carrie!