Monday, January 31, 2011


Hold on. Let me come out from beneath the pile of wedding magazines, to-do lists, bridal gowns and wedding details to say hello! Today was the first day in two weeks that has felt somewhat normal. Yesterday I went to Oak Ridge to do some planning with my Mama and boy was it good to start on the master to-do list, which grew to many, many pages. It's the beauty of a short engagement: you don't have much time to plan so you have to make quick decisions.

We did set a date: May 7th! Our plan is to have a very small wedding with family and close friends and then parties this summer in our respective hometowns along with a housewarming party in Charlotte and another one in NYC. It seems like it will work and really fits our personalities.

I should mention this... and open up the floor for discussion. Back in December when Andrew and I decided we were going to get married, one of my first thoughts was: I'm no longer going to be CCC!! Of course I cried a little and have been savoring every moment being CCC until I become a Day in May. My family has had a fun time thinking of all the names we should name our children, like Happy, Sunny, etc. :) I need to think of new names for the blog, and while I have one that I'll most likely use for after we get married, I'm open to suggestions and creative ideas.


Sara said...

"Day in May" kind of has a nice ring to it! :)

Tails from the City said...

"A Day in Charlotte"...?