Monday, January 17, 2011


Well what you might not know is that I wasn't completely surprised when Andrew proposed. He had made reservations at a nice place for dinner, taken me to Starbucks and after refusing my suggestion to watch a movie for driving "aimlessly" around Charlotte until we got to a parking deck... I kinda had a clue. It was still wonderful, don't get me wrong.

This morning after reading Proverbs 31 (!) and a few John Piper articles on marriage, I went over to his house for pancakes and then we went to the Levine Museum of the New South, a coffee shop and made our way back to his neighborhood. At this point I was starving. There's a comic book store right next to Crisp, where we were going to have lunch. I have no interest in comic books and therefore I was completely uninterested and wondered why we had to spend so much time in this place when I was ready for lunch. So we finally go get in line at Crisp and I turn around to tell him something when I see him walking out the door and leaving. Gone. I was so confused. Then he comes and says that he has someone he wants me to meet. I walk with him and see my MOM, LUCY, GINNA, and JEFF in the parking lot!!!! And then comes ALLISON!!!! Ahh!! What a surprise!!

I had no clue! Everyone drove to Charlotte just for lunch and just so we could all be together. They all gave me the sweetest engagement bucket of bridal magazines, a 'D' mug and wall hook, and so many other wonderful things. It was truly one of the best surprises and it meant the world that they drove to come see us. THANK YOU!

I continue to feel quite loved by all the texts, tweets, fb posts and calls. I am hoping to respond to them all tomorrow. Thanks again for everything!!


Jay Whipple said...

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for marriage! And for Carrie, one of the most sincere and beautiful people I know!