Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My 2010 Christmas card

Well hello there! Happy New Year! I meant to do a lot of things in 2010, sending out Christmas cards being one of those things. Oh well. So here's my 2010 blog recap for you in lieu of a card. (for the record, I totally loved receiving cards, so thanks to those who sent them, especially the ones from the NYC girls... Pam, LA & Perr... too cute!)

I absolutely loved being in NC (when I finally lost the NYC homesickness around May), which meant that I had many frequent trips visiting friends and family. I enjoyed working on our house (inside and out), talking to Allison *almost* every day, expanding my cooking/baking recipe collection, and becoming more involved at my church. Overall it was a great year, and looking back, these following things are the first to come to mind:

proudest moment: when my friend Michelle became a vet. It was overwhelmingly special to be there and celebrate with her on this day, especially since I remember back when I first met her in the 7th grade (how old is that?! 13?!) when she said that one day she'll become a veterinarian. I am so, so proud of you, Malart!

happiest day: honestly, there have been so many, but the one single happiest day, where I could hardly contain my excitement and thought I'd burst with joy was one day this past summer. I had just gotten back from a wonderful trip to Maine with my friend Tammy. I said goodbye, drove to Huntington, Long Island and went to my favorite restaurant for dinner. Then I drove across the causeway to see my little boys. There's just something about Long Island, the house and those kids I raised that reminds me of a time in my life where I grew up and really learned who I was. Ah, I can still feel the excitement from that day.

biggest blessing: my Aunt Diane became my life coach this past fall and looking back I couldn't imagine life without her. She is insightful, very wise and helped me sort through career and life paths. We had a coaching session for an hour each week and her guidance, support and encouragement meant far to me than she'll ever know.

biggest surprise: Andrew was honestly the biggest and most wonderful surprise in 2010. Oh good gracious, he is amazing. I won't go on and on (although I could) about how incredible he is, but I definitely had given up on dating and relationships this past summer so when Andrew came along in early fall I was totally surprised. The Lord is good. He knows when to give good gifts and I have nothing but thanks for this relationship and the glory belongs to God. *this is actually our first picture together, taken on Halloween :)


Sara said...

Love this post Carrie! We need to make it a goal to hang out more in 2011!!

Michelle Tompkins said...

I love this carrie!! and I'm so proud to be your proudest moment...I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have you there - it meant so much to me!

kay said...

Sounds like a fun party and cake!!
Iam sending you an award!!