Monday, January 24, 2011

Hopslam & wedding plans

Yesterday my fiance and I took a break from apartment/house shopping and stopped into Earth Fare to pick up beer for a double date we had last night. Right as we walked in Andrew ran into one of his good friends who told us to ask the guy at the cheese counter for a bottle of Hopslam. He told us in a quiet whisper to do this. Apparently it's a little hush-hush as this beer is in high demand and you basically have to know someone to get a bottle since very few were brewed. Now, please know that I am in no way a beer snob. I am marrying a beer snob, but I generally can't tell the difference between hops and malts and stouts and the like. However, when there's a secret beer to be had that no one else has, I'm on it!!

So, we walk up to the guy at the cheese counter and I ask in passing (in a quiet voice), "Do you have any bottles of Hopslam?" He responds with a quick "no". We then walk to the beer section and wouldn't you know that a minute later he comes over with two bottles of Hopslam. He tells us that they only got a case and if we want we can have two bottles. We then spend a good five minutes talking about the beer and leave the store with one in hand. While it was a good beer, I like the story better and knowing I'm one of the select few in America who enjoyed Hopslam.

I'm sure you really don't care about beer and might be wanting to know more wedding stuff. Truth be told, this wedding planning is quite the project! I think I've always dreamed about marriage more so than my wedding, which is why I'm glad I'm marrying Andrew who is great at planning events so we're doing most of this together. We're still trying to finalize things and the guest list is a bit tricky, but we're shooting for May 7th of this year! More details to follow! Happy Monday! :)


Catherine said...

I like beer stories!

Sara said...

Let me know if you need any help planning! :)

kennady said...

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kennady said...
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