Friday, August 12, 2011

Meet Jolly

Well Andrew's post below made me want to talk about decorating a home after you're married. I think I had this idea that I would get to decide/pick out/choose everything we did to our home. Oh no, no. While 95% of our home is "my taste" and decorated by me, Andrew did have his opinions and things he brought into the marriage that he didn't want sent to Goodwill. I mean, this is his home too so I met him halfway.

Here's where I introduce you to Jolly.

Andrew had this Jolly Roger (pirate flag) hanging in his old house and wanted to put it up in the apartment. Our apartment. You can only imagine my reaction (coming from a house with sisters and female roommates). I gently told him that there was no way this would be hung in our living room. So he hung Jolly in the laundry/storage room and here he is:

I never, ever would've done this but actually I've become fond of Jolly and we call the storage room Jolly's room and we like to think that he's watching over the place when we're gone. This was a good lesson I learned in marriage: learn to pick your battles. ;)

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Dorothy said...

Smart and wise daughter!