Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Update

We had a pretty fun but low-key weekend! Friday night had friends over to watch a movie (The Prestige... wow, intense!) and then Saturday we ran errands then hung out around the apartment til we met some of Andrew's college buddies for drinks. After that we went to a going away party for our friend Jeremy. He wore a kilt to his party. It was a good time.

Yesterday we went out with some friends after church and then had pizza and game night with two other couples. We've stayed mostly indoors except for when we exercise. I would say that I'm wishing for fall weather but I've been working on being content with where I am/life's circumstances. So, I'm trying to embrace the heat although Andrew and I went for a walk yesterday and I think I was so hot at one point I cried. Anyway, here's to being happy with life as it is now!

Oh, I also volunteered at Levine Children's Hospital this morning (where I've been for a year & a half)... here's a little plug for those of you who live near a {children's} hospital: this is a great time to donate school items such as scissors, construction paper, crayons, etc. to hospitals.. especially if you're out of school but still want to go back-to-school shopping! Even old magazines, movies (not R), and toys are welcomed!

Have a happy week!

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Lucy said...

you were so cried? That doesnt sound like carrie AT ALL :P