Sunday, July 31, 2011

MarDo Staycation

After two weddings this year, my parents (MARshall and DOrothy) decided to have vacation at home this year. Hence, MarDo Staycation. So we all drove up/over to Oak Ridge and enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing weekend with family.

We celebrated my mom's bday and I tried to make this cake and while it's a hideous mess, it tasted pretty good. Sometimes I don't have patience for baking, especially when there's ice cream and travelling involved. Oh well.
The next day they surprised us by renting a van and driving up to Chateau Morrisette Winery in Virginia. It was beautiful!
We enjoyed being together!
And drinking wine, of course.
In the gift shop there was a picture of this dog. It was especially funny to us because we named our cat Zuzu and dog Petals!
Beautiful sunflowers!
First attempt to get a family picture on the camera's timer.
I LOVE them!!
Me & that Ginna girl.
This morning we went to hear Uncle Hunter preach at Redeemer. Then we went to a pub for lunch in Winston Salem.

It was a great weekend! We had yummy food, enjoyed the beautiful country, watched home videos which made us laugh so hard we cried, snuggled with the sisters, enjoyed our MarDo Staycation goodie bags (complete with a whistle dad put in the girl's bags... you know, to put on our keychain in case of an emergency. Dad's always think about these things.) , read books and sat on rocking chairs on the porch. Ahh, tis the life!
Thanks, Mom & Dad for a great vacation!

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Allison Parker said...

1. i hope you were READY for cake.
2. that dog looks so much like TOBY!
3. your dad gave whistles to my mom and natalie when they were in FL! :)
4. glad you had a good time!