Monday, July 11, 2011

Documenting the every day

This has been one of my favorite things to do since we got married! I first got the idea from this blog and started it by getting my 5x7 index cards (which I cut in half), a stamper (I found one at Office Depot for $3...) already had an ink pad, and asked for an extra berry container at my farmer's market. I started it on May 7th, the day we got married. I usually take up three lines and just write what we did that day or if the day is special (which it is... YAY Al & B for TWO YEARS today!!) or anything else that I find would be fun to remember the next year(s). It's a really easy way to document life and I'm sure it will be cool to look back after 4 years or so.


Michelle Tompkins said...

You are so sentimental. I LOVE this about you! So sweet.

Erin Cooper said...

I was literally JUST talking with a friend yesterday about doing this! She has a friend who'd just gotten a journal that's set up like this. It's such a great idea. Love it!