Monday, June 18, 2012

Life Lately

Summer is my favorite!

We went to Shakespeare on the Green with some friends. It's becoming an annual tradition.

 I love being in Uptown at night.
Last weekend we went to Maya & Stephen's wedding in Greenville.   

It was really sweet and they were so excited to get married!

Hooray! I made it through the school year! This was for Andrew:

We celebrated by going to Good Food on Montford. It was, indeed, really good food.

This past weekend this happened:

Good form, Andrew! 
(I am actually a horrible bowler. But that's ok. I was happy to be with friends.)

A few of us:

Father's Day! Mom and Dad came down to Charlotte for church & lunch. I made Dinner: A Love Story's salmon salad and then these roasted pears for dessert. However, I forgot to peel them!! Oops! Oh well. I did make Pops some homemade ice cream!

Happy Father's Day, Dad! You're the BEST!!

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