Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Best news in the entire world!!

You know those times when the Lord asks you to wait and not just wait, but wait patiently? Well. It all started back in early July when we started thinking about what was next in terms of housing. I was terrified of buying a home. I wanted to leave our apartment and move into a house we could rent for a year. It felt logical that we would save enough money for a home. So we started driving around neighborhoods and long story short, fell in love with this one home.

Turns out it was a short sale and from what I would learn meant that nothing is ever short about it. We decided to try it out. Everything seemed to be a good fit: price, neighborhood (minus a few things), lots of friends in the area, and the size of the house.

We were in NYC this past summer when we got a call that we needed to submit our offer asap (something to do with short sales, banks, it's all fuzzy, I dunno). We were actually sitting at the Starbucks near my old office (Suz, you remember!) and I was on the phone with our realtor asking crazy questions like "There's nothing mentioned about sewage. Is that taken care of?!?" before we signed on the dotted line. That evening we enjoyed dinner with Mir and Chris and talked to them about it. Thought about it even more and on our way home in PA we managed to find a FedEx to scan and send in our offer! Just in time.

While two and a half months doesn't seem that long, it is when you're waiting to hear about a place you might call home. We thought we were going to hear on Friday and didn't. I was so disappointed. I've been reading through the Psalms and Proverbs in my quiet time which has been very encouraging. I read this verse:

Hope deferred makes a heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. - Proverbs13:12
 I had to trust that in His perfect timing we would know our answer.

We found out today! We got the house! I think we've felt a wide range of emotions: joy, panic (holy crap we have to buy a fridge, washer/dryer, blinds, and so much else), sadness over saying goodbye to an amazing neighborhood and a cozy lil apartment we've loved these last 18 months, and of course we've felt excitement about what's to come.

Here are some pictures back in August when we went with Andrew's mother to show her Rozzie:

Look at that front porch! I need to be on the lookout for rocking chairs.

Who knows if we'll get it!

We got it!! Now, the yard needs tons of work after not having an owner since it was built and we have all the things such as inspection, appraisal, all that. So I guess there's a small chance something could go wrong... but for now, we're on our way to moving into Rozzie in a month if all goes well. We're already dreaming about Saturday morning pancakes with neighbors, praise and worship on the front porch, dinner parties, and visits from family and friends. What a blessing a home is whether it's an apartment or house! 


Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

Congrats on the house! It looks adorable :)

Melanie said...

It's so cute! So happy for you!

Dorothy said...

I'm filling up my truck now with a tiller, lawn mower, work gloves, racks and.......hopping on the highway to see Rozzi. Can't wait! I do have a rocker you can have, it's in the basement. So excited!

ginna said...

Yaaaay!!! I knew it was meant to be!!

Suz said...

I LOVE it!! It looks just like what I would picture you in, so I hope the inspection goes well and hope you do lots of house blog posts - love your style!