Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hardest thing about getting married

Was changing my name.

No, I'm not kidding. Let's go back to last Saturday, ok? We're helping our friends Craig & Janet move into their in-between homes apartment. A few of the guys went back to fill up their cars with things leaving myself, Janet, her mother, and another friend Ashley to line the shelves with paper, put things away, and unpack.

I was getting a few things from off the kitchen bar counter when I saw a folded piece of paper. It was a note from the apartment complex/realtor and then I saw her name. Carrie Cole. Oh my gosh, I almost burst into a thousand pieces. I probably gasped then told myself you are crazy, hold it together. I told them that this was my old name and even though I'm close enough to my two friends to fall to the floor in tears, I don't know Janet's mother well and I mean, Carrie, it's been 18 months. You would think I'd be used to it. I do love my last name and a preschool parent even said it was the most perfect preschool teacher name, but I really do miss being CCC. 

I was reminded of this when I read Cup of Jo's post today on changing your name. I don't think I would've kept using my last name but being CCC was part of my identity so I think {I hope} it's normal to miss something I had for 27 years. Leave and cleave, I guess.

All that to say, Andrew and I are going to visit this new brewery in town soon. :)

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Michelle Tompkins said...

Hahaa "leave and cleave"! I love it. :)