Friday, April 19, 2013

Funny things

I don't cook on Thursdays. It's my Friday and after 4 days of 14 3/4 year olds, I'm exhausted. I usually cook most weeknights but I really look forward to Thursdays. If I do make dinner on Thursday nights, I consider it a HUGE accomplishment.

I received a gift card to Common Market from the parents at preschool and that's where we went tonight. We went here on our second date and had a blast that night. We also went there right after we got married. I know it's only been two years, but I do tend to forget things. Tonight as we were walking up, I had this crazy thought which I then verbalized, "Did we really go here right after we got married?!". One of those... 'that's really funny we did that' moments'. Maybe you have to know the place to get it... it's very eclectic, hipster, very casual, and cheap {but the sandwiches are awesome}. Definitely not what I think of as a "let's go get food four hours after we got married" kinda place. :)

This picture is classic Andrew. When it comes to food, he's a man on a mission. So focused and he usually eats pretty fast. This toasted pimento cheese is the best in Charlotte, so he says.

I love living so close to Uptown.

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ginna said...

Haha I have the same thought about the place we ate after our wedding -- a barbecue place. :)