Thursday, April 11, 2013

It was one of those days...

... where you wake up really early without an alarm clock and get a lot done before work. Oh and my morning coffee was really good. I really enjoy coffee and it's evolved over the years from creamer + sugar to almond milk + honey on most days. 

Preschool was great. We're in a 6 week study about our bodies and a parent brought in foods that are bitter (kale), sour (lemon slices), salty (potato chip), and sweet (strawberries and a small piece of cake). A parent emailed me this afternoon and told me that her child is eating raw asparagus and it tastes "bitter". 
I did an experiment with the children: gave them lotion and then sprinkled germs on their hands (red glitter). They shook hands with each other and the "germs" spread around. I gave them a paper towel to wipe it off which didn't work. Then I told them that only soap and warm water will get all the glitter off. They got it. Oh, and I traced their bodies onto a large sheet of paper and their homework is to add a face, hair, clothes to their body. I can't wait to see them on Monday. 

I made an awesome dinner for a friend who just had a baby. Chicken salad that is so good, and then I concocted an Israeli couscous salad with fresh veggies. Oh, and homemade brownies with sprinkles. Really trying to not make as many sweets in life... but I felt like it tonight. Oh and I got to hold a sweet lil baby when I dropped off dinner. 

I came home and Andrew and I ate the rest of dinner on our front porch. There was a breeze. He left for a meeting and I left for a bike ride 'round the Hood. I said hello to neighbors sitting on their porches. They said, "Hey sweetie, how you doin?" and I asked an elderly neighbor sittin on his porch if he was waiting for the rain to come. 

I arrived home and my heart was happy. It was such a good day. They're not all like this one, oh no. Life is hard and some days are just rough. But today was one of those where your heart feels full and so thankful for a new season. There's just something about the pale green buds on trees and those teeny purple flowers growing in the grass that are probably weeds but at least they're beautiful and something new.

A backyard view after I locked up my bike.


Dorothy said...

Nice. It was such a pleasure reading your thoughts and a glimpse into your day.

Rachel said...

I love this post! And I want to be in your preschool class. What fun activities you and your little kiddos are doing :)