Sunday, March 31, 2013

NCAA heartache

I hate this feeling! It's that feeling of loss during the NCAA tournament time, especially when you're one game away from the Final Four. Bleh. My family and I watched One Shining Moment from the 2001 championship this weekend. After watching it, I had tears in my eyes! My dad just texted us saying: "Yep, championships are very hard to come by. That's why they are so sweet."  Maybe next year. Oh, and my thoughts are with the Louisville player who got hurt. :( 

The good thing is after the game, I needed to do something to make me happy so Andrew and I delivered some small lemon cake loaves to our neighbors. And! The lady two houses down said it was her birthday!!! So of course I gave her two cakes! 

I'm already starting to move on and think about things such as what I'll be doing this week since it's SB2013!! 

Me & Andrew at the Duke game here in Clt a few months ago.

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