Thursday, March 14, 2013


This is inspired by my sister, that Ginna girl, who just did a blog post on this.

I'm currently...

Watching... nothing. I hardly ever watch television except when Andrew and I watch Friends reruns or Downton Abbey. I do enjoy watching documentaries every now & then on Netflix and the next one up is probably Hungry for Change.

Enjoying... another week of spending time with some of my favorite 3/4 year olds. I have Fridays off and I really do miss all those sweet little chickadees over the weekend. I also love sitting and thinking about our week. The things they say are so funny and here's an example (names are changed): Sam comes to me very upset: "John said I don't have enough fingers!!"

Planning... meals! I've never been a meal planner but this week I planned/shopped for all our meals and I'm always left thinking, "I should do this every week!" So easy and wonderful except when you try a new recipe like this one. It was not good at all.

Excited for... spring break!! We're staying put this year and I can't wait to do house projects all week long including pressure washing our front & back porch/deck. Oh boy!

Cooking... maybe a pie since it's pi day. I also need to make something for the weekend. I made the easiest/healthiest potato soup last night for the Mister since he went to the dentist and had some work done. The best feeling is watching him take a bite of whatever it is and waiting for the "this is really good" face. If you get that, then you know you've done well. (Except when it's brussel sprouts pizza and then the man who can eat most anything will throw even that in the trash.)

Inspired by... a Sunday School class we've been attending called Theology of the Old Testament. On Sunday we talked about the transcendence (holiness) and immanence (the closeness) of God in the OT. It is so incredible going through Scripture and seeing how a holy God is both just and loving to His people. I have been blown away.

Remembering... to be content with what I have and what I've been given! :)

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