Sunday, March 24, 2013

That time I ran a half marathon

 Yep. I ran a half marathon. I didn't walk too much but I didn't go too fast, either. The thing is... I didn't really enjoy it. I don't think I like running with people. The most I ran before the half was 10 miles and I really enjoyed it. I think I like running when no one knows I'm running. Or maybe I don't like the pressure of running a race.

On my way...

Here's the Bechtler Museum on the way to meet friends. 

Getting pumped up! My friend Jocelyn {white jacket} finished 39th out of 450ish people. She's so fast. She also came back and ran the last 1/2 mile with me. What a friend! "Jocelyn, where is the finish line?! How many turns left? Why, WHY did they make the last mile UPHILL?!"

I think I was so excited to see everyone that I didn't mentally prepare for the run. I also didn't eat breakfast and depended on Pandora for music instead of a playlist. Two huge mistakes! I also didn't realize when signing up in December that I'd have to train for it during the cold & wet winter months and therefore, oftentimes I chose my warm couch over running in 30 degree weather outside. Obvi, this isn't a "how to" blog post on half marathon running.

Finished! Almost slept with this thing under my pillow that night. I also have never loved cut up orange slices more than after running 13.1 miles. So. Good.

Take that, New Years Resolution! It wasn't the fastest or best run of my life, but I finished!


Dorothy said...

Proud of you....... but can't believe you didn't eat bfast!

PamCakes said...

SO proud of you Carrie!